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  • Alert! Risky business to operate insecure payment software

    By now all merchants should understand the importance of securing cardholder data.  Like other industry leaders, Vantage has been communicating constantly the need for merchants, particularly those using any type of PC based point of sale payment system connected to the internet to accept credit and debit cards, to secure their systems and networks and comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.  

    Our intent with this blog entry is to make clear to the merchant community the full financial risk of a breach.  If mag-stripe data is stored on your system's hard drive or log files and this data is stolen from your system, criminals can manufacturer counterfeit cards and use these counterfeit cards at stores to buy … more

  • FTRANS, Corp partners with ISO Vantage Card Services, Inc.

    Atlanta, GA, May 20, 2008 – FTRANS Corp., a provider of business-to-business and business-to-government payments processing solutions, announced its partnership with Vantage Card Services, Inc. today. This partnership brings new opportunities for both companies as Vantage Card Services will be offering FTRANS® Trade Credit Express™ to its clients, and FTRANS will be gaining new relationships with businesses and banks through Vantage Card Services.

    This partnership between FTRANS and Vantage Card Services, Inc. demonstrates FTRANS’ ability to provide not only one of the newest, highest recurring revenue opportunities available for independent sales organizations (ISOs) that traditionally provide merchants with bank credit card services but also offer ISOs an … more

  • PIN Debit Requires Analysis

    Effective April 4, 2008, Interlink and Pulse PIN networks dropped the max calculation from their fees for retail merchants. PIN debit has been a low cost alternative to signature debit (check cards) specifically on high ticket items. The primary reason was that the PIN networks capped the costs (ex. $0.65 max). PIN network "Interchange" has continued to increase to compete with signature debit (remember Interchange is paid to the issuers and issuers prefer to issue and promote cards that pay more when used). PIN networks continue to publish more complex Interchange charts with more categories based on type of industry.

    While networks like Star continue to have max fee caps in place, the recent removal by Interlink, the largest PIN debit network, will put further pressure on all networks … more

by Ty Hardison

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