Relationships are Never a Commodity

Rias Bluebird
Julie Pender

We have been with Vantage since the 90's and I have no plans to ever switch! The fact that I can call a rep locally, be talked easily through any issues is amazing in this day and age! And issues? Well a couple years ago an electical storm caused a surge that damaged our terminal. Glenn Prather (Roanoke,VA) from Vantage, was there within a couple hours with a new terminal to use, while he sent ours back for maintenance. Today, I had an electrician turn off a breaker that left everything in the office needing to be reset. Again, Glenn was right there on the phone to talk me through the initialization process. As always, right there when you need them. Never causing a break in service to my customers. Thank you Vantage!

Mary Louise Legg
d/b/a Bedford Products Co.

Vantage Powers Card Processing for Today Show Steals and Deals Clients
Congratulations to Vantage clients Moss Mills and Pure Fiber on their recent appearances on NBC's Today Show as featured in Jill's Steals and Deals.

Thank you for providing great service and Happy New Year to all who work there.

Greg Whaley
Prissy Polly's BBQ

We LOVE Vantage and WILL NEVER switch. Please use us as a reference anytime anyone wants to talk with one of your current clients. I have been in business for over 17 years and rate your company in the top two of those I trust and enjoy doing business with. Thank you for your fair practices and awesome service.

Joseph Summerfield
GoldNGuns Pawn
A&M Pawn
Adairsville Service Center

It is rare these days for a company to provide the level of customer service that Christina has as she help my organization navigate the process of setting up our account. Beyond the normal issues, Christina spent additional time coordinating conference calls with third party providers with the goal of making sure our unique needs were met. She took time to educate our team and to help us make key decisions along the way that both streamlined our processes and reduce future operating expenses. Christina is the reason we chose Vantage card over all of the other competitors!

Bill Nielsen
Chief Operating Officer
GivesBack Company

Vantage has been an excellent company to do my credit card transactions with. I am a small (very small!) owner of a rental condo in Florida . We began accepting credit cards from guests for payment several years ago to make it easy, safe, and convenient for our guests. Christina is my rep and she has been wonderful throughout the whole process from explaining how the system works, to getting me good rates, and walking me through the 'how to process transactions.' The few times I've had questions / issues / problems with a card or a transaction - Christina has been super. And when I mess something up, Christina has walked me through getting it corrected immediately. Wonderful company, wonderful rep's. GOOD JOB VANTAGE!

Dave V. Minneapolis , MN

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful Steve was answering all of my questions about your credit card services and how the the fee structure works with your company on processing.

The questions that Steve answered always came from the perspective of what was in the customers best interest. Their was no pressure on me the consumer to sign up now and that was welcomed compared to other credit card processing vendors.

I look forward to a long relationship with your company due in fact to your outstanding customer service.

Dr. Rick Hasemeier

Just wanted to say thank you for your service and to let you know how pleased I am with the savings we've seen in the few months since processing with Vantage.

Laura Albin, The Fiddlehead Restaurant

We are very satisfied with Vantage services. We used three other processors in 7 years before we found Vantage....a company that actually delivers what it promises. 

Sharol Godsey, CNAC

Wish everyone gave this quality of customer service!!  Hard to find these days unfortunately - but ya'll are GREAT!

Mary, Balfour

The credit card machines were a hit and the auction did fantastic!  Thanks so much for your help.  On behalf of everyone at the Can Can Ball, thank you ever so much!
Nancy Flippin
Chief Financial Officer

The Atlanta Community Food Bank

I just wanted you to know how pleased we are with Vantage.  Debi and I are most appreciative of the statement that we can actually understand ? what a concept.  

Margot S. Swann
Visions Anew Institute

I just want to say that your customer service is where it should be (very high, not too pushy, but not forgetting the customer either). I've seen/witnessed/experienced such bad customer service in the recent past that it is nice to see the opposite.

Thanks again,
One Stop Parts

As a new business in this very challenging year, I'd like to take the same opportunity to say thanks to Vantage!  My representative has been very patient in explaining all the charges and promptly answering any questions.  We chose Vantage after spending a lot of effort and time comparing companies, and are pleased with that choice.

Antique Castle

In the oil business, margins are very thin. So we are always looking for ways to cut costs. We experienced significant cost savings by switching our merchant account to Vantage. It definitely helped the bottom line, as well as made it easier to process and track our large transactions online using their web interface. We've been pleased with Vantage.

Joe Watkins  Watkins Oil Co.  

Vantage performed a detailed rate comparison of my April statement and are showing me a savings of approximately $70 per month. Their web site is very informative and they have been very helpful and knowledgeable over the telephone.  Vantage could not make it any clearer for me.

Giggles & Smiles

I would like to share my experience I have had with Vantage to anyone out there that is considering the need for a credit card processing company. Three years ago my business had grown to the point that I needed and wanted  to start accepting credit and debit cards I let the God Lord above guide me and I sat down at my computer and started to google companies that would be of service to me. I came across Vantage within the first couple searches and I could hardly believe what I was reading. THEY WERE GIVING me advice and tips as to what to look for in a merchant card processing company. I contacted a representative was given more information and time to review everything and decide without pressure! I knew before I hung up Vantage had my business. 

I receive regular emails from Vantage in regards to updates and upcoming issues within the merchant card processing world and any time I call with questions I always talk to a live person!! Last year I was forced to close my business down for 4 months due to a medical condition. I called Becky at Vantage and asked if there was any chance I could close my account for that time frame and not have to pay any fees to help offset my expenses while closed. They were more than willing to do that for me, totally understanding and caring that all would go well for me.When I reopened all I had to do was send an email to her and it was instantly taken care of and I was back in the business of accepting credit cards.

I am very impressed with Vantage--they offer the business attitude that I am just as important as their largest account. You see I am a florist in a small rural  town of 400 people and even though I don't have thousands of dollars in transactions monthly I know that I am valued at Vantage and in very good hands. If you are looking for someone to help guide you into the next phase of your business I would highly recommend Vantage-- an honest and trustworthy company.

Beth Wittrock
The Flower Shack

Thank you -- and thanks for the quick turn on this.  I appreciate it. 


We greatly appreciate your ability to pull through on such a tight schedule. Thanks again.

On the Fly

I am swept away with the level of service I have received from your company already and I look forward to doing business with you.

Nina Jones
Rembrand Sings

Jessica, thank you.... I love working with you and Steve Duby.
Mohammed A. Khan

Aress Networking Academy

I wanted to write to tell you that we called Vantage last week to see if you guys could set up our new CC machine, as we had a big event on Sat.  At first, since it was the end of the day, we were told that it would have to wait until this week.  Which we completely understood.  But then, David called us back and set it up.  We were very grateful and I wanted to let you know that we though David went above and beyond expectations to meet our needs.  Please let him know!!!  

Susan at Sacred Rearrangements in Mpls.

I wanted to take the opportunity to document in writing how pleased Nacine and I are with the outstanding customer service at Vantage. Jessica is a jewel, you should clone her. She is extremely knowledgeable and possesses the patience of Job. I can't remember the last time I received such personalized service. If companies copied your blueprint for customer service, there would be less phone rage, happier clients and a better bottom line for all. I hope that Jessica gets the recognition she deserves for a job very well done. Thanks again for all your help.

Peg Cammann

Yea!! I have just processed my first 3 card transactions. Thank you for your help. I just want to say that this entire process, of applying, getting approved, setup, and starting processing was very easy. From finding you on the internet Monday mid-day, and filling out the form, thru getting approved, setup, and processing my first transactions, it took less then 48 hours. Your rates look particularly good for small volume clients, your staff was very helpful, and I would certainly recommend that anyone looking for merchant account services consider your organization.

Thanks again, guys.
Heymann Consulting Sales

Thanks as always to you and your great team for such great customer service!
I sure you are not surprised to learn that I am constantly barraged with merchant services firms offering me a "better deal" for my credit card processing. I always turn them away and tell them that I am really happy with Vantage and I have a great deal both on rates and service!!!

Thanks again,
Kris McTaggart
Tobacco and Rum

I was provided outstanding technical support Friday and over the weekend by David! I cannot thank David enough for his outstanding customer service, attention to detail and professionalism. He is truly a great asset to your company and I hope he will be acknowledged for his outstanding performance. Thank you once again and Great job David!

Miriam K. Craig
Powerhouse Sound, LLC


I can't thank you enough for all your help. It is truly a pleasure to work with you.  We cannot control what goes wrong all the time, but how we deal with problems can certainly be controlled.  You are a very valuable asset to Vantage Card Services! 

Amanda Marion deserves acknowledgement for her outstanding customer service skills - she could actually be teaching courses on customer service!  She goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction and all in the most courteous manner. Kudos to her!!

Thank you, again, Amanda!

Evelyn Zimmermann
Complete Document Solutions, LLC

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.  I like the way you work, you are up front and honest. You don't seem like others who try to talk quickly and just get me to sign.  I would feel very comfortable knowing that you would be the person I would be working with.  Thanks for everything.

Little Italy Pizza

Thanks again for the lightning fast fulfillment.

John Perez
Go Figure

Dear Amanda:

I wanted to thank you again for your assistance in getting us set up. It was a pleasure to work with handled everything you said you would, and everything you said to expect is what actually occurred....what a pleasant change from some other (unspecified) experience we've had lately. Thanks for all of your help.

Tim Lafferty

Hello Glen,

It was easy to recommend your services because you have been most helpful and responsive to us.  Things are going well here.

Best regards,

We originally began using Vantage because of their competitive rates. However, over the years I have become even more impressed with their customer service. Our agent Dan is available 7 days a week day or night and is usually in the store within a couple hours if there is a problem. I wish that all of our vendors would take a page from the Vantage Card customer service book.

Rob Caswick
Artuzzi's Italian Kitchen


The 2 loaner terminals were delivered nice and early on Friday morning. I can't express how satisfied I am with the service I have received from Vantage since we began working together.

Thank you,
Jacob Pfeffer
Chief Operating Officer
P & K Inc., Splash Perfumes Inc., & Tick Tock Inc.


You have all been incredible to work with. I am so completely comfortable using your services knowing how well we have been taken care of so far. You all have gone above and beyond what you needed to do to get us up and running. Thank you so much. Please send me some business cards as I would like to refer you to others.

Brenda, Brand Avenue


I just wanted to say, Thank You! Thanks for everything you did for us here at Discount Tire. Great job, we can't thank you enough.

Lisa, Discount Tire

Dear Steve:

We have received our new credit card machine—we are so excited! I really appreciate your help whenever we have a question or problem. It is a real pleasure working with such a professional, quality-minded group. Thank you,

Martha Dishong
Dental Professionals on Whitesburg

I am emailing you this afternoon to inform you of a delightful experience I recently had with one of your people.  Her name is Becky.  She was very knowledgeable about the products I was interested in.  She was professional, yet cordial, and I felt comfortable dealing with her.  After she had helped me figure out which machine I needed she sold me the Nurit 8000.  After I told her I was doing an art showing that had neither a phone or electricity this weekend and I really needed the machine she made sure that it was expedited to me.  I received it today. What a financial boost it will be for my company to be able to take credit cards over the weekend. I have dealt with people in business for over 30 years and it is my opinion that she went above  and beyond the call of duty. A rarity in this day and time.  Thanks Becky.

Kindest regards,
D John Brien, owner

Vantage Card Services and Roger Purdy are the best in the business.

Josh, Front Page News

I have been with Roger and Vantage since I opened. He has always taken great care of us. When we need anything, Roger always answers his cell phone or calls us right back. It is nice to always get a real person and not an automated system or some helpdesk 2000 miles away who has no idea who I am.

Kris, Rice Thai

Slope's has been using Vantage Card Services for eight years. We went with Vantage because of their competitive rates. We didn't realize just how GREAT the personal service would be.

Bob White, Slope's B.B.Q.

When we decided to begin accepting credit cards, Vantage Card's reputation and pricing made them the clear choice.

Helen, Fellini's Pizza

Fifth Group uses Vantage for processing bankcards at its four restaurants and our catering company offices. We have been very pleased with their reliable service and excellent customer support.

Noelle, Fifth Group

Mr. Hardison,

I wanted to take a moment of your time to single out one of the “Payment Solutions Specialists” on your team. Michelle Higgins has been an absolute delight to deal with. My wife and I are opening a new business next week, and from our first contact in March, until our latest discussion today, Michelle has been EXTREMELY attentive, detail oriented, and has exceeded our expectations on EVERY LEVEL. It’s not often that we have the time or energy to thank someone, and frankly, we are as busy as can be with our store opening. But Michelle’s assistance in setting up the merchant processing (in a very expedited way) was so outstanding, we wanted to make sure you were aware. My wife and I are looking forward to a long relationship with Vantage Card Services. If the future is like the introduction, it will be extremely pleasant, thanks to Ms. Higgins.

Best regards,
J.J. and Jackie Sorrenti
Gals on (and off) the Green


I am guessing at your e-mail address because I want you to receive this e-mail directly. I want to take a moment out of my day and yours to let you know what a great service that Vantage Card Services provides. I have tried at least four different card processor's over the last couple of years and found that what they promise is quite different than what you actually get. The best aspect of Vantage Card is that I can call and talk to whom I feel is my "account representative" (Steve Duby). No waiting on hold and entering options into the phone system to get through to someone. This is something that is invaluable. Speaking to the same person who is familiar with me, my account, and type of business. Keep up the good work!

Mike Nelson

Dear Mr. Hardison,

This letter is to commend Steve Duby for his outstanding professionalism and customer service. He has guided Antiques of Scarsdale Inc. and the Scarsdale Antique Center from day one as to what system would work best for us. He and his colleagues were always there to answer our questions. They assisted us with back up information when we needed it, appearing only too happy to do so. I cannot imagine working with a more pleasant individual and team, and one that has excellent follow through.

Steve’s commitment to Vantage Card Services, Inc. and his dedication to quality customer service is something very special. Even though Antiques of Scarsdale, Inc. is a small company, he never made us feel unimportant. He was a pleasure to work with and always accessible.

I am not, normally, a person who will take the time to write a letter such as this—but Steve Duby truly deserves it! His efforts in our behalf were atypical of what one normally associates with a “salesperson”. With Steve, great follow through and ongoing customer service are paramount. I though you might like to hear from an appreciative customer.

Sincerely yours,
Wendy Stotter
President, Antiques of Scarsdale, Inc.

We've been using Vantage for nearly two years. Great service, quick response and deposits. Have had two different companies give quotes on their card services and both said they were unable to beat my Vantage rates.

Hines Harrison
Pizza Bella

Our Vantage customer rep has provided excellent service over the past ten years with my restaurant.

P. Harahan
Avalon Restaurant

The service that is provided is incredible. We just had a problem the other day where the terminal memory was full and we could no longer do any transactions. Your customer service was very professional and with their expertise we were able to fix the problem very quickly and efficiently. Many thanks to them.

Ron Piotrowski
Solar Flair Tanning

Mr. Hardison,

Just a little note to let you know that I am very pleased with the service that we received through Steve Duby. He was able to answer all our many questions about transferring our account over and made the transition extremely easy.

I was amazed at how little time and effort it took on my part. Please give Steve an “atta boy!” from us and thank him for the great job!

Office Manager
The National Team of Cleaning & Restoration

It's Wonderful to call and actually speak to an individual and not a recording.

James, Houston, TX

I have just spent some time at your web site reading all the valuable information.  For the last three days I have been researching credit/debit card processing sites and yours is the best so far. 

Stacy Silva