About Vantage 

Payments & Services for Merchants, Businesses and Developers

Founded in 1996, we've played our part in evolution of the Fintech industry.  And while the industry is different today than it was over two decades ago, our founding principles continue to guide everything we do to deliver useful, usable and valuable solutions.

Today we service clients in all 50 states maintaining an A+ with the Better Business Bureau for 20 plus years now.  

The Vantage Philosophy

We call it "building a business." Our entire program is built around this basic principle.  We build our business one merchant at a time, from multi-million, multi-location, to the small one owner business. Through client education about the payment industry, we operate under the premise that the more knowledgeable a customer is, the more likely we will be selected as their provider. This philosophy also results in a more sophisticated and loyal customer.   A great deal of our business comes from referrals and added locations of existing merchants. Your decision to move your bankcard processing account to Vantage is a no risk proposition backed by competitive pricing and professional service.

Team Experience

This is a complex and ever changing industry.  Making experience essential.  The Vantage management team has serviced all types of merchants and developers, in nearly every industry.  Each year, new regulations and new fees are announced that affect our business and merchants that accept card payments.  We have spent countless hours on site with merchants analyzing processing statements for savings, training employees, reprogramming and installing all types of credit card systems, trouble shooting technical problems, fighting fraud and chargeback issues, and helping with bookkeeping and accounting issues.  The Vantage team consist of seasoned professionals who understand the value in helping merchants stay in compliance, working with them to qualify for the best pricing.

Personal Commitment

Personal commitment is easy when you believe in what you are doing. The Vantage program can lower your processing cost and directly improve your financial bottom line by hundreds, even thousands, of dollars - each and every year.

Vantage is committed to earning your business through straight talk from industry experts, and fair and competitive pricing. We are committed to retaining your business by doing what we say, keeping your cost low while setting a higher standard of personal service.

We invite you to invest in our way of doing business. When you select a vendor, you are investing in their way of doing business, so why reward those with business models that only serve to acquire your business, not service it. Vantage offers an alternative - a personal commitment to provide value through service.

Thank you for your time and consideration of our services. We look forward to having you as one of our valued customers.

Ty Hardison
General Manager