More than Reporting - Insightful Analytics

This merchant account reporting tool helps you explore stats and trends, chart your sales, manage your Interchange qualifications and track your effective "real rate" calculations.

PayView is a monthly reporting tool that has been developed to provide even greater transparency into your card payment acceptance.

  • PayView reporting tools give you an in depth view of your sales activity by card and category over time including Interchange qualification details and effective rate calculations.
  • PayView reports are designed to help you gain a better understanding of Interchange rates and fees as they apply to your business. PayView highlights transactions that downgrade and alerts you to potential fixes.
  • View the diverse mix of credit and debit card payments you accept by specific card types such as signature, prepaid and PIN debit, rewards, world, business, corporate and others to learn more about your customers payment habits.
  • PayView calculates your effective rate (Real Rate) and charts it month over month. Tracking your real rate will help insure you are accounting for card acceptance accurately in your pricing and aid in developing payment steering strategies to reduce bankcard fees, like offering cash discounts no greater than your real rate cost.

Statements, Reporting & Analytics

Monthly PayView Analytics is not a replacement but rather a supplement to the Vantage monthly merchant statements and free online account access that provides daily reporting to drill into transaction and batch details, settlement totals, chargeback details, electronic monthly statements, chain summary totals and confirmations of ACH transfers.