Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Compliance

Sysnet (formerly ControlScan) is a prepaid service for Vantage clients become PCI compliant.

The card brands require that all merchants validate PCI DSS complinace.  Vantage has partnered with Sysnet, an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) by the PCI Council and leading provider of security solutions, to provide personalized support to help simplify the PCI compliance process and to help our clients better understand the security requirements. The Sysnet system wizard will help you complete the Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) and provides a help desk where representatives can address any questions you may have about the PCI complaince process.

Avoid PCI Non-Compliant penalties.  Following these steps:   


  1. Go to
  2. Enter your merchant ID  as your username (note your merchant ID starts with 878821000xxxx)
  3. Enter this generic one-time password, vantage123 (you will change your password once logged in)
  4. Follow the wizard to complete your PCI validation and print your Compliance Certificate for display at your business.

Once you have completed your PCI Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) you may find that your business requires a quarterly network vulnerability scanning.  Every merchant is different, some are a greater risk than others. For example, only those merchants conducting payment processing over the internet (verses dial up connections) require a system scan. As a market leader in PCI compliance, Sysnet will help your business achieve and maintain PCI compliance with the SAQ and vulnerability system scanning (Scan), both designed to uncover security gaps and provide best practices to prevent data compromise. 

Need help?

If you need personal assistance, call Sysnet at 800-370-9180 or contact Vantage client services at 800-397-2380.

Breach Insurance

The $100K PCI Protection Program is included in Sysnet services Vantage provides to merchants is designed to cover expenses associated with contractual liability between the merchant and the payment card industry.  Covered losses under this program are: forensic examination mandated by the card brand, fines / assessments levied by the card brand as a result of a breach, software and hardware upgrades mandated by the card brand as a result of a breach in lieu of a fine.  

Vantage Merchants may pull proof of insurance from the carrier using the below link:

PCI Compliance Notes

Merchants may choose to complete an SAQ on their own and can work with any PCI vendor they choose should a system scan be required. Vantage provides the Sysnet service to help our clients meet PCI compliance at a reasonable price. Merchants can opt out of using the Sysnet service, by providing a copy of their PCI Validation certificate with an alternative vendor.

Please remember, there is a difference between security and compliance. While PCI compliance is a mandated point-in-time measurement of your security readiness, the underlying security requirements must be adhered to on a daily basis. In the event of a data compromise, merchants face significant fees and fines. The PCI DSS Validation does not affect your responsibilities associated with your merchant account in the event of a data compromise.