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  • How to choose which mobile payments your business should accept

    Accepting mobile payments requires an investment, but choosing the right platform can ensure that investment is returned quickly. NFC-enabled device offer some clear benefits for merchants already upgrading for EMV chip card acceptance. While expanding your offering to accept mobile payments may once have required a significant upfront investment to purchase the proper hardware, most EMV terminals also include an NFC reader built right in. With the right technology already on your countertop, there has never been a better time to start offering your customers the option to pay with their phone.  NFC-enabled mobile payment systems are among the most popular. Here are a few reasons an NFC-based system may be the best mobile payment strategy for your business to support:Popularity: Apple Pay currently boasts a user base of about 12 million consumers, with Android Pay accounting for another 5 million tap-to-pay … more

  • Payments emerge as major I/O theme for Google

    Google is moving Android Pay beyond the NFC terminal. As Google dazzled developers at this year's I/O event, a theme emerged that hinted at the tech giant's vision for its role in the future of payments. Although it may not have released any new payment-specific hardware or software, nearly all of the offerings Google announced will in some way integrate with its Android Pay platform, bringing the digital payment method into a host of new realms. Whether your business can integrate with these tools right away or not, taking a look at how the world's largest company is innovating in the payment space could give you a glimpse into the norms of the future. Instant App Downloads As a retailer, you might offer your customers product info, coupons or promotions via a custom mobile app. However, that valuable information could … more

  • Apple announces payment innovations at WWDC

    Once again, Apple has made it easier to pay with an iPhone. Every spring, Apple invites developers to its World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco, where they can witness the iPhone company's latest software improvements and updates. Central to this year's conference was a motif we also saw on display at Google's I/O event earlier this year: the expansion of mobile payments. This comes as little surprise, as "mobile" seems to be implied in just about everything consumers do today. Reflecting this shift, the Cupertino, Calif. company unveiled two major updates that will change the way iPhone users make payments. "Pay with Apple Pay" For the first two years of its existence, Apple Pay has been used primarily for consumers checking out in a store equipped with an NFC-enabled terminal. As the … more

  • Bank of America's new cardless ATMs will work with your mobile wallet

    Bank of America announced its contactless ATMs will accept mobile wallets as well as physical cards. Consumers eschewing their credit and debit cards in favor of mobile wallets can get further than ever these days, using their phones to make payments at millions of retailers and via countless mobile apps. That being said, certain transactions still require a physical card, meaning even the most tech-savvy consumers have to carry their real wallets with them anyway. With their cards in their pockets, consumers often revert to old habits despite having set up the mobile payment app on their smartphones. It seems that to truly accelerate mobile payment adoption, consumers are going to have to feel comfortable leaving their cards behind altogether. One of the biggest reasons consumers have to carry their cards with them is to access … more

by Ty Hardison

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