In the Digital Age, Manual Imprinters still important 

Not only is it important for merchants to have a manual imprinter, it is important to know when to use it. Imprinters are used in some cases to produce a cardholder receipt when a printer is not available, however, today's use of an imprinter has been relegated as a back up system. The more important use of an imprinter today is to protect your business against fraud losses. As a requirement, any transaction that does not swipe the card and read the full contents of the mag-stripe should be imprinted, the imprinter slip completed with date and signature so the merchant has proof that the card was present at the time of sale.

Check around your shop and make sure you have a manual imprinter and imprinter slips readily available. Training your staff on how and when to use the manual imprinter will save you time and money.

Email us to place an order for a manual imprinter, merchant plate, and three packs of manual sales slip drafts (about 100 per pack) -all for only $35.