Retail payment makes list of top job skills in 2013

Traditional cash registers are starting to be seen as outdated.

When you consider what could have been the top skills in demand for the corporate world over the last year, there is good chance that the payment industry would not be on it. However, with the way that technology in this sector is evolving, it would seem that it should be in the conversation.

Well, not only should it be talked about, but a recent study from LinkedIn found that it is near the top of the list. The enterprise social media website recently conducted a study to try and discover what was popular in 2013. This was handled by examining the history and changes made by over 259 million members, as well as what recruitment firms are searching for.

The result was a top 25 list of in-demand skills from the last year. Unsurprisingly, IT and social media make up the top of the list, but coming in at number 10 is retail payment and information systems.

With a little thinking, it is easy to see why this would be the case. Traditional cash register systems are considered outdated by many consumers. There are many new services and processes that are starting to change the industry like NFC technology, mobile integration and EMV systems and merchants need to consider

Knowing that the solutions are in-demand and being able to take advantage of them are two different things. With the help of a payment solution provider that specializes in the changing landscape, any retailer can easily take steps toward deploying the latest technology.

by Ty Hardison

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