Company improves sales 318 percent with mobile cash registers

Mobile payment solutions helped a company improves sales 318 percent.

Many payment solution providers have expressed the benefits of mobile payment solutions. However, talking about these systems can only go so far and in many cases exploring how a business has been able to improve their operations by using the system can be a more powerful way to show off the benefits of the strategy.

A recent article from Retail Customer Experience profiled retailer Alex and Ani. The jewelry manufacturer and seller has been in business for nearly a decade and has experienced significant growth throughout its physical stores. Recently, the organization upgraded to a mobile POS payment system.

"What was happening was that we would have 50 people in the store trying to buy products and we had only three point of sale systems to serve them" Alex and Ani CTO Joe Lezon said in the announcement. "You can imagine what that was doing from a wait perspective as well as from a customer service perspective."

Company decision makers wanted a new system that was able to fit in the palm of the associate's hands, had a barcode scanner and access to a printer. By using a mobile commerce solution, the business was able to improve customer service.

The resulting upgrade in all stores led to an increase in sales of 318 percent. On top of that, holiday wait time is expected to be cut from an hour and a half to less than 15 minutes.

With the help of a payment solution provider, any merchant can improve their payment options and have a better system in place for the upcoming holiday season.

by Ty Hardison

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