Applebee's deploying tablet POS systems to every table

More restaurants are using tablet POS systems at tables.

Retailers need to be aware of the fact that customers wants things to be quick and easy. No one likes to wait in line. This is one of the reasons why smartphone and tablet POS systems have taken off. Associates are able to accept payments from anywhere in the store and customers are able to avoid the lines.

However, some restaurants are taking this to a new level. This is happening by putting these devices on their tables and allowing patrons to order and make payments at their own pace without getting up or with the help of a server.

According to an article from Forbes, Applebee's is the latest eatery to get on board with this plan. The company announced this week that it will rollout 100,000 tablets to its 1,860 U.S. locations. This is one of the largest tablet deployments by a single company in history.

Aside from placing orders for food and drink and paying the bill, guests will also be able to pay to play video games and use various other forms of digital media like movies and music.

"The device puts control of the restaurant experience in the hands of our guests," Mike Archer, president at Applebee's, told the news source. "Speed of payment is the first thing that guests will notice."

This could be a future technology that many businesses will be trying to implement. With the help of a retail payment solution provider that understands how to deploy these systems, any company will be able to easily deploy a tablet POS system.

by Ty Hardison

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