Keys to a Level 3 Merchant Account

Accepting Commercial Cards

Commercial credit cards are being used to replace inefficient and expensive paper purchase order processes by businesses, corporations and government agencies with payments estimated to reach $185 Billion by 2010. Accepting commercial credit cards like Corporate, Business, Purchasing and GSA cards are an important component of a company’s payment policies.  Optimize your commercial card acceptance with a Level 3 merchant account. 

Keys to a Level 3 Merchant Account

  • Insist on an Interchange pricing structure Interchange is the largest cost component of delivering merchant services and for merchants accepting commercial cards, eliminating non-qualified surcharges are especially important. Direct Interchange pass through pricing is the most transparent method and positions you to qualify for all the incentives rates available such as Purchasing Large Ticket, GSA Purchasing and Visa B2B incentive rates for select industry categories.
  • Use Level 3 Payment Technology To submit the data needed to get the best rates, Level 3 payment processing technology must be used. Standard credit card terminals and B2Consumer payment software are not capable of supporting Level 3.  We recommend the benefits of Software as a Service that can be accessed through a secure web application.  With evolving Level 3 requirements, virtual software is always the most updated version and multiple users can access the service on any computer with Internet access without the challenges of traditional software licensing, installation, networking, security and upgrade management issues.
  • Secure Card Data Securely storing card holder data is critically important today. The best practice is to avoid having card data stored on local PCs or servers. For greater efficiency and customer service, companies often store card data on repeat customers. Securely storing card data offsite using a secure, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) compliant Level 3 technology can greatly reduce the risk of a data compromise.
  • Select an experienced Level 3 merchant services partner Providing Level 3 processing solutions means managing Interchange rates and qualification criteria for commercial MasterCard and Visa card payments. The reality is that most businesses accepting commercial cards from their buyers are NOT qualifying for the BEST available rates because their merchant account is not set up or registered properly.

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by Ty Hardison

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