POS challenges thrust into the mainstream

The challenges of the POS system have been pushed into the mainstream.

Over the last few months, the challenges that businesses face when it comes to credit card processing solutions and business payment security have been pushed into the mainstream because of the high profile Target breach. Nearly 110 million customers were affected, and news continues to filter in that keeps the story and its impact fresh in the minds of industry professionals.

Recently, Mercator Advisory Group examined how the market is changing in the face of increased pressure for businesses because of the Target breach. The findings were released in a 22-page report called: "Card Fraud Detection Software: Enterprise and Transaction Solutions Converge."

The study examined several aspects of the current landscape, including EMV implementation, fallout from new interchange regulation and merchant discount litigation, mobile devices being used as point of sale hardware and the increasing importance of managing technology's impact on payment volume growth.

"Competition in the U.S. market for card fraud detection solutions is about to ramp up," Michael Misasi, senior analyst at Mercator Advisory Group and author of the report, said. "Vendors that have traditionally served international markets or that have expertise in adjacent capabilities are taking aim at the mainstay solutions in the U.S."

The report also examined several options for fraud detection software and forecasted how the landscape could shift in the future and the impact of EMV solutions.

Every business is going to be affected by how the landscape changes, especially as the challenges are thrust into the mainstream. What do you see as the biggest obstacles to POS and credit card security?

by Ty Hardison

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