How tablets are improving the sales process

Tablets are becoming a must have tool for sales professionals.

If you were asked to name all of the tools in the belt of successful sales person, there are several technologies that would be a part of this conversation. While items like VoIP phone systems and cloud-based sales reporting software have been in use for some time, it can be argued that the tablet is the hottest tool in the arsenal.

A recent white paper from Showpad dove deep into the reasons why organizations can improve their sales team through the use of tablets. First off, the report covers a number of benefits to putting a tablet into the hands of associates. These include:

  • Updated support material that can be access and shared with the entire team in real-time.
  • Sales conversations flow naturally, as tablets encourage engagement.
  • Additional resources can be accessed including up and cross-sell opportunities and a better use of marketing materials.
  • Improved statistics of sales support material
  • Contact data can be immediately captured.

The white paper focused on the improved marketing capabilities, however, there is a key reason for sales people to adopt this technology that was left out. That would be the use of a third party peripherals to turn the tablet into a mobile POS solution. Now, not only are sales associates able to pull up all of the latest sales information when speaking with a customer and answering all of the questions, but once a deal is struck, it is seamless to swipe a credit card and finalize the sale.

by Ty Hardison

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