AR Best Practice Case Studies

Companies across a diverse set of industries utilize AR Best Practices. The case studies below provide two examples of how our clients have benefited from using AR Best Practices to better manage their Trade Receivables. References are available upon request.

Company: Korn Law Firm

Challenge: Run Law Firm Like a Business

We now have a greater comfort level offering clients very flexible payment terms which allows us to maintain and grow our important relationships. Credit Scoring protects the firm from potential client bankruptcy and associated non-payment for services provided while outsource administrative task has allowed us to reduce the costs and allowed our staff to be more productive.

Company: Recreational Vehicle Importer and Distributor

Challenge: Grow business with adoption of credit based sales

Recognizing the power of credit based sales, this company realized that in order to grow sales and profits they needed to move beyond their sole reliance on cash based sales. Credit based sales were the answer. They also recognized that most of their business clients were not using credit cards and were looking for free and flexible payment terms from the supplier. Implementing AR Best Practices helped this company's payment needs in three key areas:

  • Accelerated payments from buyers, therefore strengthening this company's cash flow even when selling on credit.
  • Allowed them to begin to safely offer credit using Credit Scoring and outsource many of the paper-based processes typical of running an in house credit office.
  • Credit monitoing helped reduce bad debt by flagging troubled accounts.

Company: Printing Company

Challenge: Ease the burden of credit administration

This printing company provides a wide variety of printing services to small-to-medium sized businesses as well as universities. In addition to printing, they provide creative design services for their customers for print and advertising collateral ranging from brochures to sporting event tickets. Desiring to keep their administrative costs at a minimum, while at the same time requiring professional credit administration for their diverse client base, this company turned to the AR Best Practices suite of services to run credit checks, monitor customer credit, match payments with invoices, and make collections for all of their accounts without increasing their staff. In addition, using AR Best Practice lockbox services reduce their time spent depositing checks at the bank. This company realized that with AR Best Practices, they were reducing their credit risk which ultimately made their business stronger.