Mobile Terminals and Devices

Eliminate hand keying card numbers, speed transaction times, easily capture signatures and more with these wireless merchant account options.   

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Mobile & Wireless Terminal 

Pictured is the Dejavoo Z9- a GPRS & WiFi enabled mobile terminal with EMV, NFC contactless and PIN built in with a 3.5’’ LCD color touch screen that supports signature capture.  A portable design with optional charging base unit, this device includes a built in roll printer for situations where printed receipts on demand are preferred or required.

Learn more about the features of this mobile credit card terminal. 

Secure Mobile Card Reader & App 

For Apple or Android smart phone users, connect a MagTek uDynamo or iDynamo encryped card reader to accept mobile payment transactions.  Dispatched workers and reps can accept swiped and key entered sales while office managers and accounts receiveable have real-time visability and access using a full featured virtual terminal web application with reporting and more.

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