The future of POS is low cost & cloud based

Cloud-based, tablet POS solutions are set to completely disrupt legacy cash registers, stand alone terminals, and expensive proprietary POS installations.

POS Tablet Apps across all your devices, stationary with accessories for a traditional register or mobile POS checkout.  Which device mix is right for you?

Recommended Tablet POS solutions from Vantage

We have narrowed down our recommended table POS list to the following offerings.  Depending on your industry, specific needs, and number of POS stations, we can provide further advice and quote. 

  • These tablet apps are all offered on a SaaS subscription model.  Monthly subscription fees vary by offering and by factors such as the number of stations, number of users or number of transactions. 
  • Peripheral hardware accessories include cash drawers, printers, tablet stands, barcode scanners and card readers.  The specific make and model of these peripherals will vary depending on the solution you select.  We can customize a quote for you and provide you with a list compatible and tested accessories.

Download these POS apps from the app store and visit there respective web sites for more information.  

Restaurant POS

* Special Offer for Restaurants

Retail POS

Verifone Cloud POS
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