The new WiFi-EMV-NFC Terminal Solution

The credit card terminal landscape is experiencing dramatic change!

The rollout of new EMV chip cards and NFC contactless smart phones (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.) are two of the most significant changes.  Other changes can be seen in hardening of data security.  New standards require EMV payment terminals to have signed applications resulting in more restrictions on what other applications can be placed on the terminal.  How terminals communicate is changing fast too.  Dial up connections from analog lines are rapidly disappearing, being replaced by digital and VoIP services.

Speaking of dial up connections, are you still paying for phone lines to run your terminal?  Vantage is proactively moving to terminals that support secure WiFi connectivity in an effort to support merchants moving off dial lines.  WiFi terminals also support IP Ethernet connections hardwired to a router and dial backup where available.  Vantage also carries a WiFi + 3G GPRS terminals for even more mobile communication options.

Merchants should strongly consider these developments when making bankcard terminal decisions.  If you are going to upgrade, get it all.  Vantage recommends that you consider the Z8 Dejavoo Countertop terminal solution for fixed retail and restaurant merchant locations. 

Z8 Terminal Features

  • Process all card types
  • WiFi & IP connectivity with Dial back up
  • EMV Chip & Pin capable to meet new Liability Shift regulations
  • Contactless & NFC peripherals to support APPLE PAY.
  • Supports Loyalty app
  • Supports Check services
  • Automated software updates nightly keeps services current
  • Call me button for service without calling a help desk
  • And more...

Contact us for a professional consultation and inquire for a custom configuration to meet your specific requirements.