Tablet POS for Retail Merchants

Low-cost Retail point of sale solution from Verifone delivers feature-rich cloud based POS functionality on a month to month subscription perfect for new businesses or merchants upgrading from stand alone credit card terminals.

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The Verifone CLOUD POS is a cloud-based point of sale system that uses an Android tablet with intuitive and easy to use software. Features include credit and debit card processing connecting over WiFi & 4G Verizon mobile services.  This cloud-based POS provides remote management and backup with the security you've come to expect from Verifone.  There is a built in loyalty program to help you Identify, engage, and reward your best customers.  And there is a Consumer App where your customers can discover, order, and pay ahead. 

Contact us to learn how you can customize this solution for your business with hardware and accessories tailored to you needs. 

Vantage supports multiple cloud-based tablet POS solutions and delivers secure and reliable payment acceptance solutions with a wide array of product functionality and support, competitively priced, and designed to meet your unique requirements.

  • Reprogram your existing compatible terminal or POS system at No Charge.  Call us with your terminal make and model or your Point of Sale payment application name and version number to confirm compatibility.    Vantage merchant accounts will work with today's top POS systems. 
  • Vantage understands that retailers today may also sell outside of their retail store at trade venues requiring mobile POS systems or over the web requiring an eCommerce payment gateway. We support both the payment technology and Interchange management to meet your business needs.
  • Vantage supports contactless payment readers to accept all the latest contactless chip-based credit and debit cards from MasterCard PayPass, American Express ExpressPay and Visa Contactless. 
  • Vantage supports future ready terminals with optional features like end-to-end encryption and EMV / NFC ready.  Additional terminal selection considerations:
    • Do you need to support multiple applications (for example adding, check guarantee, gift and loyalty card processing)?
    • Do you need to support multi-merchant IDs (mult-merchant applications work well spa, hair and nail shops)?
    • Do you need dial or ethernet connectivity for high-speed broadband?  
    • Do you need support for more than one terminal or check out lanes? 
  • Vantage provides reliable payment processing service on a variety of connectivity methods including DSL/cable, frame relay, Internet (IP), and wireless WiFi.

Other Payment Services for Retailers

  • Check processing services including guarantee and conversion at the POS plus back  office check21 and ACH services.
  • Brand, issue and process your own secure electronic Gift card program or and Loyatly Service.
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security consulting, PCI compliance, and End to End encryption services.
  • Comprehensive reporting options to manage your Vantage merchant account using a secure web access portal at no charge.
  • For multi-lane terminal payment services, read about our Grocery Payment Solutions.

A word on PIN Debit

PIN Debit acceptance and steering calculations have changed with the implementation Durbin Admendment and the regulations that followed requiring that the Federal Reserve set debit processing rates. When contemplating the decision to accept signature debit (check cards) and/or PIN debit, both now regulated by the Fed, careful analysis should first be completed. And while the regulated debit rates are the same, your location and the number of exempt un-regulated debit cards you accept will differ and need to be considered in your analysis. Other considerations include customer demand and preferences, and if local debit issuers restrict their PIN to ATM use only.