Restaurant Tablet POS

Specific payment systems are available to meet the variety of ways you interact with your customers. From fine dining to QSR, from table to counter and bar service, from catering to delivery phone orders; we cater to you.


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The Verifone CLOUD POS is a cloud-based point of sale system is tablet based with intuitive and easy to use software. Features include credit and debit card processing connecting over WiFi & 4G Verizon mobile services.  This cloud-based POS provides remote management and backup with the security you've come to expect from Verifone.  There is a built in loyalty program to help you Identify, engage, and reward your best customers.  And there is a Consumer App where your customers can discover, order, and pay ahead.  Contact us to learn how you can customize this solution for your business with hardware and accessories tailored to you needs. 

We understand restaurants and our processing programs are tailored to serve this market. We have served on the Professional Development Committee of the Georgia Restaurant Association working to develop educational programming for the restaurant members.

  • Restaurants require quality credit card processing service with a reliable authorization network with little down time especially during peak dining hours and back-end funding systems that can deliver deposits consistently on time.
  • Restaurants operate on cash flow more than other businesses and require quick turnaround on credit card deposits. Restaurants are also very price sensitive to discount rates because they process a very high percentage of sales on credit cards.
  • Restaurants require personal service and a single point of contact they can rely on to take care of them. Restaurateurs can't be hassled with changing service providers every other month. They don't want introductory rates that are going to disappear nor do they want a "green" sales rep to tell them anything they want to hear to get the business just to find out they are no longer with the company when something goes wrong.
  • Restaurants need a processing company that understands the intricacies of the specialized point of sale systems using integrated credit card readers and software. Restaurants need terminal systems that can do open and closed tabs, server reports, tip reports, and more.
  • Restaurants need a processing partner who understands and trains their staff on the rules and regulations. Who provides imprinters and manual sales drafts not just for back up, but because it prevents chargebacks and fraud. Restaurants need a company to fight for them in customer disputes, or to help a customer understand how check cards are processed by their issuing bank. Restaurants need someone who can train the wait and bar staff on card acceptance guidelines and who can train delivery staff on proper procedures for accepting cards in the field.
  • Vantage is your resource for an innovative payment services for restaurants.  Ask us about free Pay Cards to move away from paychecks to direct deposit for all.