Invoice Payments & Subscription Billing

Service billing can take many forms.  In some cases businesses perform services and invoice customers while in other cases recurring billing is agreed by contract.  Vantage provides comprehensive billing solutions to support electronic invoicing, repeat and recurring billing.   

Billing and Invoicing Solutions

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A Feature-Rich, Secure and Affordable Billing Platform:

  • Credit & Debit Card Processing
    Qualify for the best Interchange rates for both your consumer and commercial card payments with Level 3 capability.  And be alerted when cards about to expire.

  • eCheck and ACH Services
    Lower you overall payment processing costs by steering clients to lower cost ACH transactions.

  • Consolidate Card and ACH payment methods into a single system
    Card and ACH payments managed by single solution.  Easily switch customer profiles between payment option. 

  • Recurring billing
    Automate billing for repeat customers for both card or ACH payments.

  • Electronic invoice presentment & payment
    Email invoices with a secure payment button and receive payment on-line.

  • Software integration
    API payment system integration into your operating software.

Want your billing synced with Quickbook or other account solutions like Xero and more?

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The secure way to handle Card-Not-Present transactions

Traditionally mail or telephone order (MOTO) card transactions required merchants to key enter card data for payment approval and settlement.  Recurring payments are those for which a cardholder gives permission to automatically charge his or her account on a regular basis. The benefits to the merchant include lowering outstanding receivables, improving cash flow and cutting collections cost and bad debt as well as updating the image of your company and enhancing customer service. 

There are rules that govern recurring transactions that you will want to be aware of.  In addition, special incentive Interchange rates are available making the cost of accepting recurring credit cards as low as face-to-face "card present" transactions. These emerging market rates apply to governments, schools, utilities, insurance, cable, and pay television.

A variety of payment solutions including physical terminals, payment software and virtual terminals are in use today.  However, the best practices for these types of payment transactions to protect your business, reduce your PCI compliance scope and limit your exposure to card data compromise is to not handle this data in the first place. 

More and more businesses are choosing payment technology that allows their customers to enter their own card data using a secure, hosted check out page.  Hosted check out pages are being built into CRM and chat software, and simply implemented by emailing a payment link.   

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