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Mobile devices are fundamentally changing when, where and how consumers shop. Driving more merchants to give their customers what they want, a feature-rich native mobile app experience.

Yet paying on a mobile device can be a real challenge. Merchants who implement in-app payment processes are finding their conversion rates spike up. Apple Pay is a prime example of a tokenized payment solution that provides a fast, secure in-app purchase experience with a simple touch of a finger print that eliminates the need to enter credit card information during checkout.

And with more devices coming online from Apple competitors we are only expecting in-app checkout experiences to become a must have for ecommerce merchants!


Meet invoice level data requirements

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According to a Research and Markets report, overall commercial card purchase volume is growing by 13% a year, now exceeding $1.5 trillion.

What’s driving this trend? For one it’s the rise of B2B ecommerce and use of commercial cards, not consumer cards, to finalize those online sales.

As commercial card volume has grown so has the awareness by sellers of the growing acceptance costs when using traditional 'consumer oriented' payment gateways that are failing to meet the unique processing requirements of submitting invoice line item detail when processing the transaction.

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