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EMV Facts to Know

Understand the impact of the rollout of EMV chip cards.

Declined Transactions

If you receive a decline when processing a transaction, discontinue the transaction and request another form of payment from the cardholder. Do not attempt to process the card at a lower authorization amount. The cardholder’s issuing bank may not honor subsequent transaction attempts on the card even if you do finally get an approval code.

Card Number Truncation

State laws and card rules require that cardholder information be truncated on all receipts that a customer receives from the credit card terminal. This is to protect the cardholder from the possibility of their card number being compromised if they lose their receipt. Your terminal will be updated prior to these rules going into effect in your state or by the card associations. You will be contacted to modify your application to truncate receipts.

International Orders

Use caution when taking an overseas order. Fraudulent transactions that originate overseas are on the rise. Remember that international transactions are high-risk transactions. Know your customer, properly identify the person you are dealing with, take a second look at what is being ordered and where it is being shipped. Did your customer offer you multiple cards as payment? Is the customer asking for immediate shipment? Does the transaction make sense? If not, you may have just detected a fraudulent transaction and saved yourself from taking a loss.

Supply Order Warning

Do not place credit card supply orders (paper rolls, ink ribbon, etc.) with people calling you to ask if you need supplies or calling to verify your order for supplies. Vantage will NOT call you to ask if you need supplies - you must call Vantage. We will NOT follow up with a “verification” call. There are a lot of companies who scam merchants by sending them supplies and then charge them hundreds of dollars for supplies that are probably free or at a minimum cost.