Service (good & bad) impacts your bottom line

Savings doesn't come packaged only as a lower rate but in cost reductions from having your system up, your chargebacks down and your funding on time. Vantage only works with high quality network services and financial partners.

There are many merchant aggregation services on the market today where businesses can sign up and begin to accept card payments right away and a flat rate.  These work for businesses that process only the very few occassional transcations.  However, for businesses that accept more than $2,500/mo in card sales, you will need your own direct merchant account.  Not only is getting your own merchant account advisable from a pricing standpoint, but perhaps more important, from a service standpoint, as few aggregation providers offer support services beyond a web form or email address (not even a call center). 

Simple without Support isn't Simple

Service savings requires the support of your own personal payment industry advisor. 

  • Get to know your representative, how long they've been with the company, their bonus structure, and more. Ask and you will learn a lot about the company itself and what they value.
  • Will the representative service your account; will they work with your through your implementation? Or are they sales only with support from a mass call center.
  • Be careful... many representatives have little or no training. Their innocence is no excuse for providing misguided information.

A professional advisor can give you the service your discount fees deserve.  Educating you on preventing fraud and reducing chargebacks, providing best practices to improve operations and managing Interchange expenses - these are just a few ways personal service can add value.

Vantage merchant services portal: Vantage Card Services [+]  

Access to your Vantage Points Rewards, PayView Reporting and Support Services.