Why issue Gift cards?

A cash-generating product that doubles as a miniature "billboard" in your customer's wallet.  Card balances encouraging repeat visits and limit cash refunds.

  • Card value can be pre-loaded or loaded on site
  • Card rechargeable after initial value is depleted
  • Card can be used as an all-in-one gift and loyalty card


  • Increase Revenue
    • Enjoy float and slippage (on average 10-15% of cards are never redeemed)
    • No change given – 100% Value
    • Gift card sales boost (average 30% more than paper)
    • Additional revenue streams (i.e. card sponsorship)
    • Enhanced promotional capabilities to drive incremental sales
    • Encourages return visits to reduce value on card
  • Significant operational savings
    • Reduce administrative and reconciliation costs
    • Streamline procedures at the POS
    • Available as stand-alone solution or integrated POS
    • Reduced theft and fraud

Case Study – Cash Flow Float

The following chart contains actual data from a chain of casual dining restaurants. 

Cards Sold

Dollars Sold

Dollars Redeemed

Unused Value

Unused Percent






*Figures are per-store based on one year