About the Merchant Rates Calculator

Calculate your rates and fees instantly. It’s fast, easy and educational. You will find that our transparent Interchange rate pricing method is by far your best option.

Value Proposition & Differentiating Factors

  1. Obtain specific Interchange pricing to accept credit cards at your business based on your individual industry and transaction size and volume.
  2. Accept credit cards on your own terms. Set your own processing fee structure and monitor it using this calculator tool.
  3. Low rates and cost are offered to ALL customers who accept credit cards with us, not just NEW customers.
  4. Always know that your merchant account is priced at the best price we have to offer - check it here anytime.
  5. Accept credit cards with a No Risk merchant account! No long-term 3-year agreement to sign and NO early termination or cancellation fee penalties.
  6. Accept credit cards and earn Vantage Points for every MasterCard and Visa transaction processed. Earn rewards from distinguished Vantage Points program partners like: American Airlines, Marriott, Hyatt, Staples, Starbucks Coffee and more.
  7. Accept credit cards from a full service provider - not just another sales organization. Today, it seems like everyone is selling merchant services. But who is actually servicing merchants? From sales, to deployment and implementation, to ongoing support, your account relationship team is all under one roof.
  8. We provide many payment processing services - all backed by professionals to help you select the best ones for your business.

Are you working on writing a business plan?

How you will accept payment and what it will costs are important elements that you should not overlook in your business plan. Use the Merchant Rates proposal and quote tool to help you not only fill in the blanks but to also show your investors that you’ve done your homework and found the best value package of Interchange pass through rates and month-to-month contract terms.

Request for Proposal Tip: Get all quotes in the same format, insisting on a direct Interchange pass-through rate structure.

If you haven't compared your merchant account processing rates in a while or are just getting started opening a new business we encourage you take one minute and try Merchant Rates proposal and quote calculator now!

Thank you for the opportunity to provide this information. We hope you find it useful.