A Leading Merchant Services Provider

  • January 10, 2009
Just about every company today call themselves the “leading” provider of something (read almost any press release).  Many of the brochures and sales people you talk to promote their …

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Alternative Financing Solutions

  • January 10, 2009
For 6 million small businesses operating in a struggling economy, these are anxious times.  We’ve witnessed the credit markets freeze, massive bailouts and the most far reaching reordering …

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Before Merchant Rates, Negotiate Definitions First

  • November 22, 2008
Time and again we see a complex payments industry being made more confusing for merchants accepting credit and debit cards.  Examine the following examples.

As a consumer it is better not to …

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Don’t Overlook Merchant Rate Savings from Cardholder Returns

  • November 09, 2008
Does your business provide a generous return policy?  If you do, one way to lower your bottom line costs of accepting credit and debit card payments is to look at your costs to process …

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Vantage Card Services receives Small Business Standard of Excellence WebAward

  • September 22, 2008
Vantage Card Services was awarded the Small Business Standard of Excellence 2008 WebAward for its Merchant Rates Calculator tool.The Web Marketing Association names the best web sites in 2008 in its …

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Do you display credit card signage?

  • September 07, 2008
Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express – some of the most recognized brands in the world - spend hundreds of millions on advertising every year to get cardholders to use their card to …

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Fall 2008 Interchange Announcements

  • August 31, 2008
MasterCard, Visa and Discover have all announced changes to Interchange to take effect October and November 2008. 

Visa has announced a new Government-to-Government (G2G) program for government …

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Google Knol - Shopping Merchant Account Rate Quotes

  • July 28, 2008
Check our post Shopping Merchant Account Rate Quotes on Google Knol for help on how to lower processing costs when accepting credit & debit cards.

ALL merchants large and small can get an …

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Regulating Credit Card Interchange

  • July 25, 2008
The Credit Card Fair Fee Act (H.R. 5546) - creating an antitrust exemption for retailers allowing them to collectively negotiate agreements for the Interchange fees assessed on credit card sales …

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Merchant Survey Reveals Purchase Behavior

  • July 07, 2008
Survey results show merchants least concerned about contract terms

Merchants have sales people contact them almost every day offering "lower rates" and often switch only to find out they unknowingly …

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