Vantage Viewpoint

Strategy to Advance Contactless

  • February 23, 2010
In an article on Digital Transactions “Could Visa’s New No-Signature Rule Hurt Contactless Payments?” it was argued that Visa’s expansion of its policy to no longer require …

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Visa Changes Debit Debate, Backs Contactless

  • February 14, 2010
Visa changes the signature vs. PIN debit debate with policies to support contactless payments. 

In an interview in the June/July 2009 issue of Cards&Payments magazine, Ellen Richey, global …

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Visa's Debit Rates Converge

  • February 12, 2010
Visa has announced additional changes for April 2010.  Visa will adjust the following U.S. Visa Debit Interchange reimbursement fees.  The significance here is that for many merchants the …

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Visa extends Small Ticket Interchange to more Merchants

  • February 12, 2010
Visa has announced additions to the CPS/Small Ticket Interchange Program, currently available to Local Commuter Transport, Taxicabs and Limousine, Restaurants, Fast Food Restaurants, Parking Lots and …

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The Essential Merchant Guide to Card Payment Refunds

  • February 02, 2010
Buyers need not only an understanding of the benefits and value of what you are selling, they also need clearly stated billing, return, shipping and other policies important in their decision making …

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The Fifth Anniversary of Reward Card Interchange

  • January 21, 2010
Reward credit cards are used by card companies to compete with one another for the business of affluent consumers. Card issuers attempt to influence the purchase behaviors of cardholders with higher …

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Debit Network Fee Updates

  • January 11, 2010
NYCE and CU24 PIN debit networks have announced modifications to the current rates. 

Effective February 1, 2010 NYCE will implement the following changes:

The switch fee will be decreased …

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April 2010 Interchange Adjustments

  • January 11, 2010
MasterCard and Visa have announced New April 2010 Interchange adjustments. 


Currently, MasterCard's Assessment fee is 0.095%. MasterCard will increase the Assessment fee to 0.110%. …

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Debit cards highly valued

  • December 27, 2009
According to a new survey commissioned by Visa Inc., U.S. consumers whose primary payment method is their debit card would rather give up coffee, their MP3 player, their mobile phone, email, visiting …

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CPAs play a key role in helping small businesses implement payment best practices

  • December 15, 2009
Poor management of accounts receivables is the enemy of cash flow. For small businesses today, 30-day terms all too often extend to 60, 90 and 120 days before payment is made.

CPAs can help their …

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