Visa extends Small Ticket Interchange to more Merchants

Visa has announced additions to the CPS/Small Ticket Interchange Program, currently available to Local Commuter Transport, Taxicabs and Limousine, Restaurants, Fast Food Restaurants, Parking Lots and Garages, Motion Picture Theaters, Video Rental Stores, Bus Lines, Tolls and Bridge Fees, News Dealers, Laundries, Dry Cleaners, Quick Copy, Car Wash and Service Stations.

Effective October 2010, Small Ticket Interchange will be extended to most merchant category codes (MCCs).  Current Small Ticket Interchange applies to transactions less than $15.  The current Visa Small Ticket Credit Interchange is 1.65% + $0.04 and the Visa Small Ticket Debit Interchange is 1.55% + $0.04.

This is an effective reduction in the overall Interchange costs for most merchant categories.  However, few merchants will benefit since there is no difference between a transaction over or under $15 in their current merchant account contract.  Bundled, blended, “rate as low as” pricing structures, where merchants pay non-qualified surcharges, will be unable to realize lower costs on transactions that meet this revised Visa Interchange category.  Instead, their merchant services provider will retain these incentives. 

See the list of merchants that are not eligible at, where you can also view the most recent Interchange announcements and the past 5-year history of Interchange changes.  For all merchants who are eligible, it is highly recommended that they shop service providers and switch to an Interchange pricing plan prior to October 2009.  For an instant merchant Interchange rate quote visit 

by Ty Hardison

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