Vantage Card Services Celebrates 15th Anniversary

Trusted since 1996, Vantage Card Services celebrates its 15th year providing payment processing and payment systems to merchants, businesses and community banks.

Today Vantage is honored to service clients in all 50 states. Our philosophy of building a business one merchant at a time, with a focus on service and education - not contracts and gimmicks – is a growth strategy that has served us well over the years.

Vantage is home to world-class payment solutions and features the best value package of price, terms, service, solutions and incentives available in the payments industry. Our passion is providing you with high quality payment processing solutions that exceed your expectations and we are continuously working on improving our programs, technology and service offerings.

In addition to the depth of information about the merchant services industry on, our merchant advocacy extends to include these additional payment resources: - Payment industry news and viewpoint - Merchant Interchange rate quotes, guides & FAQs - Commercial card Level 3 and B2B payment best practices - Earn rewards when accepting card payments - Learn to calculate your real rate to accept card payments - Payment technology recommendations - Tweets on the payment industry, Interchange & technology

We would like this opportunity to THANK YOU, our valued client, for allowing us to continue to be of service!

by Ty Hardison

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