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Wow! This post on titled 5 Deceitful Tactics Credit Card Processors Use To Get More Of Your Money really captures the very points Vantage has been making now for 15 years! Everyday we work with merchants being aggressively pursued by both fly-by-night organizations and big-name-mega banks who use all 5 Deceitful Tactics.

Tactic #1: The “Rate Game”

Tactic #2: The Binding Contract

Tactic #3: Early Termination Fees

Tactic #4: New PCI Fees

Tactic #5: The Bewildering Statement

This post does an excellent job of explaining the pitfalls of these tactics and recommending solutions. Of course you MUST pay attention, ask questions and read the fine print for yourself to identify these tactics. You can NOT rely on “knowing the rep” or the “brand name” bank to be your guide.

So where can you find the solutions outlined in this article? Look no further than the home page at Here you find the best value package in the payments industry: Interchange rates, personal service, month-to-month terms, payment-solutions by industry and Vantage Points Rewards incentives.

And one last important footnote Another key lesson in this article is that when either a merchant or a sales agent selects a merchant services provider, they are investing in that organization’s way of doing business. Don’t reward those with deceitful business models. And don’t try to fix them by negotiating and “waiving” terms and fees. Help weed out the companies that go-to-market like this by spotting these tactics and walking away. There are other companies like Vantage that struggle everyday to get our message out into the marketplace. Support them with your business or talent and together we can change things for the better!

by Ty Hardison

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