April 2010 Interchange Adjustments

MasterCard and Visa have announced New April 2010 Interchange adjustments. 


Currently, MasterCard's Assessment fee is 0.095%. MasterCard will increase the Assessment fee to 0.110%.

While new rates have not yet been announced, MasterCard is introducing new Interregional Interchange programs for:

  • MasterCard World Card
  • MasterCard World Elite
  • World MasterCard for Business
  • MasterCard Corporate World
  • World Elite MasterCard Business
  • MasterCard Corporate World Elite

Effective April 2010, MasterCard is revising the qualification criteria for Commercial Face to Face and Commercial Data Rate II.  Zero will no longer be accepted as a valid tax value to qualify for these Interchange rate categories.  If a commercial transaction has no sales tax, the transaction will downgrade to the next best Interchange level.

MasterCard is also adding a new Interchange program for MasterCard Enhanced Small Business. Pricing for the new program categories will be announced once released.

  • MasterCard BusinessCard Card
  • MasterCard Professional Card
  • MasterCard Executive BusinessCard Card


Visa is implementing modifications to the No Signature Required program:

  • MCC 5993 (Cigar Stores/Stands) is being added as an eligible MCC
  • Standardize amount to equal to or less than US $25.00 to be eligible.
  • Transaction with cash back amounts will not be eligible.

Vantage has tracked changes and updates to Interchange each spring and fall since 2005.   Track Interchange changes or read recent Interchange history at http://www.vantagecard.com/price/interchange05.html.

by Ty Hardison

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