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We recognize that every employer has unique needs when it comes to paying their employees and independent contractors. As a free service to employers there are no set up fees, no card fees and no minimum number of employees.  We encourage you to start a pilot program with as few or as many cardholder as you like.

Receive an automated email with links to online enrollment and pricing for both our Opt-In and Full Deploy programs as well as info on Instant Issue cards and more.

Quick Facts
  • Yes, you can comply with "pay without discount" regulations. 
  • Yes, we can provide you an instant issue card program.  You can issue this card immediately to new hires or for lost or stolen cards or for employee terminations. 
  • Yes, you can control your enrollment process.  We can provide you a log in and password to our enrollment system. 
  • Yes, you can start a funding account and instantly transfer money to your employees.
  • Yes, you can emboss your company name on the card for free.
  • Yes, you can use the paycard program to pay employee expenses.
  • Yes, the Visa card will support your disaster recovery plans.

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