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Ty Hardison
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Thank you for your interest in our Visa paycard programs and for the opportunity to earn your business. We are look forward to discussing your specific needs.

Getting Started is Easy

No contracts; No set up fees; No card fees. We encourage you to try a pilot program with as few or as many cardholder as you like.

Start immediately enrolling your employees!

  • We work with employers every day that are feed up with issuing paper paychecks and now Mandate Direct Deposit! 
    Our paycard programs meet all state regulations:

    • No Monthly Fee
    • 1-Free Teller Cash Advance Withdrawal per Pay Period (true pay to the penny compliance)
    • Web & Toll Free Balance given automatically when calling the number on the back of the card

Within 48 hours you will receive the routing and account number for each employee card. Please make sure we have all your contact and communication information on file.

Within seven to ten business days the employee will receive their Pay card. Pay cards can be sent to the cardholder's address or to the employer for distribution. Cardholders will be prompted at activation to enter their own PIN number.

Simply add employees to your existing Direct Deposit file. The only difference will be adding more employees to your direct deposit rolls as you move away from paper checks. Remember, each Pay card comes with a routing and account number, just like a check, and this information plugs right into your existing Direct Deposit payroll system. It's that easy to implement.

Other Pay Card Products (PIN Debit Only)

Instant Issue

This instant issue card allows employers the flexibility to issue cards directly to employees at the time of need. With the instant issue debit card employers can eliminate the need for first checks and final checks to employees. With many real time funding options you can now issue and fund the same day. For employees that loose their card and are waiting for the replacement card to arrive, an instant issue card is a great tool for allowing them access to funds by performing an immediate card-to-card transfer (this is a non Visa branded PIN debit card).

PIN Debit

With the PIN Card employers can easily increase direct deposit to every employee regardless of a banking relationship. Simply fund the PIN debit card like any other direct deposit account and your employees will have access to their pay on payday with FREE and ULIMITED access anywhere debit cards are accepted. As with all our pay card products, funds are FDIC insured and obtaining cash back at merchant locations is a snap (this is a non Visa branded PIN debit card).

PayCard Overview

We’ve designed the Sole paycard as a financial tool to provide employees a way to participate in their company's direct deposit offering. U.S. employers are realizing significant savings while helping their employees avoid the escalating costs associated with check cashing fees and delays in receiving their checks via mail or pick-up. It cost between $2 and $10 to process a single check and $9 to replace it, according to the American Payroll Association.

A Pay card service that is FREE to employers. There are no set up costs, no software to buy or learn, no card cost, no minimum number of employees to enroll. And while paycards are helping businesses cut administrative costs and virtually eliminating paper check expenses, employees benefit from unlimited FREE usage for Visa purchases and PIN based cash back transactions. This is important, because our data statistics show that on average employees will use their card as a Visa 27 times during the month. We also provide free balance inquiries on the toll free line, free online statements, transaction inquiries, and customer service.

Life Takes Visa

You remember that tagline?  The Visa brand is an important feature of our pay card service. The safety and security of the Visa card, coupled with our 24/7/365 multi-lingual cardholder customer support center, result in savings for your organization. The funds are FDIC insured and fraud protection is provided by Visa. It's expensive to hire and train new employees, offering a Visa branded pay card is another benefit to increase employee retention. The added convenience of using Visa for daily purchases and recurring payments for rent, utilities, phone, etc. empowers employees. Give your employees more than a pay check!

Card Features

Visa paycards are safe, convenient and a dependable alternative to payroll checks. Pay is accessible on pay day and with Visa® employees now have additional ways to use and access their pay. Employees can make purchases online, visit over 1 million ATMs or simply sign for their purchases. We offer unique card services including card-to-card transfers and card-to-account transfers. Cardholders can use the secure web site or the customer service line to transfer funds off their card to a bank account or to another pay card in real time. This feature addresses concerns from lost cards. While a new card is being issued, employees can move funds off their Pay card easily and still have access to their money - unauthorized charges are protected under the Visa® security blanket. The employer does not need to change the employees routing or account number as the closed account is associated with the new card for deposits, further streamlining payroll for the organization. Additionally, cardholders can use the card at their next place of employment.


All US residents with valid tax ID are eligible for the Visa Card. Social Security number and date of birth are kept on file to remain compliant with Patriot Act bank regulations. No credit checks are performed. No credit reporting is submitted. A simple enrollment is all that is required.

Funding Options

  1. The most common funding method is using Direct Deposit (ACH)
  2. Establish a funding account and use our funds transfer processes to instantly move funds to specified cards.

Disaster Preparedness

We will also support your disaster recovery plans. Recent history has brought disaster payroll planning to the forefront of employers nationwide. Hurricane Katrina made pay distribution virtually impossible to paper based pay check receiving employees that were displaced and without communication for weeks. Mail and overnight delivery services were completely suspended. Amid the aftermath of hurricanes, snow storms, tornadoes, etc., Pay cards ensure that displaced or stranded employees are paid promptly when disaster strikes.

Account Management

We can provide expertise and support to help you implement strategies to roll out a program. We can customize enrollment forms for you as needed. Customized marketing materials can be branded and modified for your use. Posters, table tents, mail inserts and online enrollment can be provided. All marketing materials are also available in Spanish.

I would be your primary point of contact and will be on hand to service your program. We know you will be pleased.

Ty Hardison
Director of Paycard Services
[email protected]

Vantage Card Service, Inc.
(800) 397-2380 x14
2230 Towne Lake Parkway
Building 400, Suite 110
Woodstock, GA 30189

Quick Facts
  • Yes, you can comply with "pay without discount" regulations. 
  • Yes, we can provide you an instant issue card program.  You can issue this card immediately to new hires or for lost or stolen cards or for employee terminations. 
  • Yes, you can control your enrollment process.  We can provide you a log in and password to our enrollment system. 
  • Yes, you can start a funding account and instantly transfer money to your employees.
  • Yes, you can emboss your company name on the card for free.
  • Yes, you can use the paycard program to pay employee expenses.
  • Yes, the Visa card will support your disaster recovery plans.

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