Mobile Payments and Promos for Festivals

Mobile App | Promos | Payments

Free Mobile App Platform

  • You have a web site, now its easy to have an app
  • Be more interactive and engage with your audience
  • Customize your profile to easily create your app
  • Upload your logo, images, venue maps, lines ups, faqs
  • Apps increase push and social connections *
  • Present on Apple & Android for free

Free Promos, Barcodes and Badges

  • Create and award “Badges” live during your event
  • Reward “check ins” at sponsor areas (for greater sponsors value)
  • Pre-load promotional value and coupons to reward spending
  • Reward social post from your event *
  • Promote your event in a community of festivals

Optional Mobile Payments at your event for a flat 2.95%

  • Faster & easier than accepting credit cards
  • Better alternative to Cash & ATM only
  • Simply scan a Starbucks-like bar code from your smart phone
  • No need for terminals or dongles to swipe cards
  • No need for signatures or paper receipts
  • Reporting
    • Sales reports by “station” with purchase data
    • Attendance usage reports plus email list
    • Cash & Cards lack valuable data who attends or what they do

All free services and payment services include full on-site implementation support. 
* Additional per event fees may apply. 

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