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  • Real-time payments coming to US

    TCH's real-time payment network could be operational by the end of this year.

    For years, America's payments infrastructure has been like an audio cassette - it may be reliable, but it lacks the modern features it needs to stay relevant. Now, adding something as revolutionary as the track-skip to our dated cassette tape, The Clearing House (TCH) is bringing real-time payments to the U.S. 

    A new national network  The new payments network will eventually connect every bank account in the country, giving consumers, businesses and governments alike the ability to make and process payments instantaneously, eliminating delays of what can sometimes be several days between when a payment is requested and when the funds appear in the recipients account. 

    After months of reports that TCH was developing such a network alongside UK-based … more

  • Mobile POS systems must be built for security

    Security may not be as visible as customer experience, but it is far more important to your business.

    Mobile payment systems can open up a litany of new avenues for your business, empowering field reps to take payments in the field, giving retailers new opportunities to engage with customers in your store or simply (but importantly!) reducing the cost of doing business.

    With more and more businesses realizing the benefit of abandoning their traditional point-of-safe systems, there are now hundreds of options to choose from when selecting a mobile solution for your business. They likely all vary in the way they integrate, how much they cost and the customer experience they provide. However important these factors may be to the way the system performs in your business environment on a daily basis, there is one far less visible feature that is even more crucial: security.

    When your … more

  • Venmo now supports merchant payments

    Venmo now allows users to pay merchants with just a tap.

    For the first time, consumers now have the option to pay merchants, not just their friends, using PayPal's digital payment app Venmo. Launched on January 27, the feature is currently limited to use within two third-party apps, food delivery service Munchery and events ticket vendor Gametime. But, with services expected to expand soon, these early adopters can offer us a glimpse into how Venmo could change the landscape for in-app payments.

    From a consumer standpoint, here's how the service works: iPhone or Android users who have Venmo installed on their phones will see a Venmo button among the checkout options in compatible apps. Then, with just a tap, they will be able to use whatever payment information they have stored in the app to fund their purchase. For PayPal, this marks a … more

  • Payment Innovation Takes Center Stage at Mobile World Congress

    This year's Mobile World Congress featured exciting innovations in the world of mobile payments.

    At this month's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, some of the best minds in technology shared their ideas for what the next era of mobility will look like. Given its recent bout of attention in the mobile world, it comes as no surprise that payments and mobile wallets were among the most discussed verticals at the conference. Far more surprising, however, was some of the payment technology companies like MasterCard and Visa unveiled. Let's take a closer look at a few of the new payment technologies that made headlines at this year's MWC:

    Visa's In-Car Payments When Visa took the stage at MWC, they brought with them not a new type of payment card or smartphone technology, but a car. In partnership with Honda, Visa developed a concept app that would allow drivers of … more

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