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  • Google launches Eddystone, an open-source Bluetooth LE beacon

    Google is launching a new, open-source Bluetooth Low Energy beacon format.

    The world of beacons has just gotten more convenient. Ars Technica reports that Google will now be launching a new, cross platform, open-source format for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, called Eddystone. It was created to combat the problems in existing beacon services and unlike its predecessors, it is easily compatible with both iOS and Android devices.  

    This new beacon technology will be able to support multiple frame types, which will perform a wide array of functions. Google stated that existing beacons can be tailored to fit the Eddystone format, which will mean that different beacon vendors will be able to use the same system for varying purposes. NFC World reports that Bluetooth beacons are one-way communications, where the goal is to provide a means … more

  • Government fees demand flexible payment option

    Managing a city, town or county is no small task, particularly when it comes to collecting fees.

    Managing a city, town or county is no small task, particularly when it comes to collecting fees. Residents may accrue traffic violations, parking tickets and other debts that penalize irresponsible conduct and help maintain the efficiency of the community's revenue cycle. This is to say nothing of taxes, license fees and other sources of revenue. Having the ability to collect on these payments effectively is critical to keeping the community's finances healthy. 

    However, this is easier said than done in places where paper systems are still dominant. The long lines and red tape that many consider synonymous with government can make it challenging for administrators to manage the volume of payments they're due to receive. One of the best ways to accelerate the revenue cycle for a … more

by Ty Hardison

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