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  • EMV puts card-not-present transactions at greater risk of fraud, study says

    With EMV bolstering brick-and-mortar stores against fraud, online retailers must be prepared to step up their security as well.

    While the introduction of EMV payments has given brick-and-mortar stores an added level of protection against counterfeit transactions, it has put online retailers at an even greater risk of being targeted for fraud.  

    According to a report by Aite and RSA, fraudsters will not simply give up when their efforts are thwarted at physical shops. Instead, their energy will be funneled into the path of least resistance. With card-not-present (CNP) transactions becoming the new lowest-hanging fruit for fraudsters, U.S. online merchants should expect to see a massive spike in fraud, according to the report, which cites similar trends following the shift to EMV in Canada and the U.K. 

    "The data from Canada's EMV migration paints this picture clearly; counterfeit and lost/stolen … more

  • How retailers can drive successful EMV transactions

    To help consumers successfully complete EMV transactions retails must be proactive.

    Even two months after the EMV liability shift, many consumers still struggle to use the new card technology at the point of sale. In fact, people seem to have fewer problems using mobile payment solutions like Apple Pay, despite their relatively low adoption rates. This suggests that merchants and, more specifically, cashiers, still have a long way to go in educating consumers about how best to use their new chip cards. 

    This responsibility was destined to fall on cashiers and floor-level personnel at retailers sooner or later, with 2016 promising to be the year that sees the end of magnetic stripe cards at nearly all U.S. merchants in favor EMV or Near Field Communication (NFC)-based payment methods. However, retailers don't necessarily have the luxury to wait much … more

by Ty Hardison

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