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  • Mobile commerce to pick up momentum in 2014

    Mobile commerce will gain steam in 2014.

    The payment industry has been experimenting with mobile commerce for some time. Over the last few years, the adoption rate of the technology has increased because the functionality of the hardware and software has improved and the platform has become more secure. According to a new study, things are going to pick up in 2014.

    At the most recent TRANSACT 2014 conference, CAN Capital conducted a survey of payment professionals and executives to determine what their thoughts were on mobile payment technology and other trends.

    According to 42 percent of respondents, new payment technology is the trend that will gain the most traction by the end of the year. This is followed by product integration (24 percent), increased partnerships (23 percent) and company consolidation (11 … more

  • Is Apple getting ready to change its stance on NFC?

    Apple has long been one of the biggest obstacles for the wide-spread adoption of near field communication powered mobile commerce. The technology giant and innovator has resisted adding the feature to its hardware, despite rumors before many previous press events that it would finally be unveiled.

    According to an article from Business Insider, Apple has 600 million customer accounts on file, most of which are linked to a credit card. Once NFC is added to the iPhone, all of these consumers will already be setup to use it at the cash register. However, the company has refused, which has caused adoption of the technology to stall.

    "Every time I bring up payment platform options with my executives, they say 'Let's just wait and see what Apple does,'" one … more

  • No conspiracy found in big credit card collusion lawsuit

    Most of the merchant credit card processing and interchange litigation that has made waves in the payments industry over the last few months belonged to the merchant interchange fees associated with several banks and the credit card companies MasterCard and Visa. However, there has been another suit involving American Express, Citigroup and Discover that was ruled in the card providers' favor last week.

    According to Reuters, the three credit card issuers had been accused in a lawsuit of colluding to require disputes to be settled in arbitration instead of through class action lawsuits. The incidents in question happened between May 1999 and October 2003, when 10 card-issuing banks and their lawyers met nearly 30 times to discuss imposing mandatory arbitration clauses in … more

  • Wyoming businesses talk tablet POS use

    Move businesses are using tablets for their POS solution.

    When you think about a business using tablets as its point of sale solution, what does that company look like? It is likely that it is either a big organization that has money to burn or an upstart that has embraced technology from its inception. For the most part, these companies are located in a major city. You probably are not picturing a company in the middle of a state like North Dakota or Wyoming. The benefits of the technology are so vast, that has changed.

    A recent article from the Billings Gazette profiled several small businesses in Casper, Wyoming that are all starting to go digital with their cash register.

    "In a low-tech state like Wyoming, innovations in the retail sector are slow to appear on the radar. But the increasing presence of tablets and … more

  • How plausible is daily life with a digital wallet?

    Is life with just a digital wallet possible?

    For the last few years, there has been talk of the impact of the digital wallet. With the popularity of the smartphone growing, the ability to make payments at various establishments straight from the device is a feature that consumers and businesses have been looking into. Companies like Google, PayPal, Visa and MasterCard are all looking to stand on top of the mobile commerce market.

    But how plausible is it now? While there are some companies like Starbucks that already have mobile checkout systems at the POS terminal, how far can you make it without a wallet? That is something that Steven Bertoni researched in an experiment with Forbes.

    For one day, he left the wallet at home and only paid with his smartphone through various apps. Because the Metro does not accept smartphones yet, … more

  • Support deadline for Windows XP also means PCI compliance challenge

    When Microsoft stops support for Windows XP, it will have an affect on PCI compliance.

    On April 8, there will be a major computer system shake-up when Microsoft ends its support for Windows XP. This means the 13-year-old operating system will no longer be receiving automatic software updates. The move opens up major security concerns for any company that still has hardware using that platform.

    A recent article from examined how companies that are using Windows XP as part of their point of sale system could suddenly find themselves not only open to more attacks, but could also violate PCI compliance regulations.

    "The Payment Card Industry outlines that an operating system no longer supported by a vendor violates the standard through risks of security breaches, potentially leading to exposed customer credit card data," the article reads. "Retailers … more

  • Understanding the confusion between payroll and prepaid cards

    There is still much confusion when it comes to paycards.

    One payment method that has been hanging in the background for some time is the use of prepaid and paycards. While prepaid cards are more in line with what are  commonly thought of as gift cards, paycards can be issued from a payment solution provider and contain some or all of a paycheck.

    A recent article from PYMNTS examined comments made by Scott Schuh, director of the Federal Reserve of Boston's Consumer Payments Research Center, in a recent podcast. He spoke about payroll cards and prepaid cards and said that there is still a great deal of confusion when it comes to these cards, their differences and how they work in the payments industry. 

    "We have found that surveying consumers about prepaid cards is extraordinarily difficult. It's harder than any other … more

  • How a tablet POS system is helping restaurants succeed

    A tablet POS system is helping restaurants improve operations.

    The use of mobile point of sales solutions is growing as more organizations start to realize what is possible with these tools.

    A recent guest column from Business Solutions examined the different ways the restaurant industry has been able to improve operations through the use of mobile POS systems. These improvements include:

    Turn tables faster - With improved efficiency in the front of house, businesses are able to speed up processes by eliminating double order entry and paying the bill. With the time spent at the table shortened, companies increase the number of people they can see in a single service.

    Improve sales numbers - With a digital format, restaurant owners can add more in-depth information to the menu, helping customers make more informed decisions. The devices can … more

  • Is mobile commerce killing the credit card

    Is mobile commerce pushing the end of the credit card.

    This blog has dove deep into the challenges that come with protecting customer-made credit card payments. The inclusion of chip-and-PIN technology and the EMV deadline that is inching closer every day has often been seen as a monumental step in card security when it becomes widespread.

    However, a recent report from KTVU -- an Oakland, California news outlet -- argues that the use of credit cards could be obsolete. This idea is framed around the story of Regina Stidam, a local resident who had her credit card stolen while sitting at a restaurant. The criminals then went across the street to Target and purchased $1,800 worth of gift cards.

    Despite having security measures in place, anyone who has made a transaction by card at Target knows how easy it can be to fake. The … more

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