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  • Tablet POS solutions to play a big role in payments industry in 2015

    The cloud is changing tablet POS technology.

    As the year winds down, payment systems professionals have begun looking at what 2015 will bring for the industry. The consensus is that technological advancements will push what were innovative niche systems to the mainstream. Tablet POS systems are one of these technologies, and given the advancements in hardware and software required to make these tools work, more companies will find it easier to adopt them into their payments infrastructure in the new year. spoke about the ways payments technologies will emerge in the coming year with a number of industry professionals who believe tablet POS systems will not only become mainstream, but that organizations will increasingly use modern technologies like the cloud to facilitate tablet POS … more

  • Top five factors impacting a merchant's effective real rate to accept card payments

    A number of factors can influence your effective real rate.

    Understanding your effective real rate is the key to identifying the most cost-effective payment services provider. Your effective real rate measures the total cost of all processing fees and can be calculated by dividing the total merchant charges and fees over a given amount of time by the total bank card sales volume over that same amount of time. The only way to ensure you have the best effective real rate is to understand what factors into determining this rate.

    Here are the top five factors impacting real rate:

    Your industry: Merchants have different real rates depending on their industry. For example, retail, hospitality, education, the restaurant industry and B2B sales all have different real rates. 

    Card types accepted: There are a growing number of card types in the … more

  • When implementing a payment processing system, training is of the utmost importance

    Make sure your employees are trained on all new payment processing systems.

    The payment technology industry is evolving rapidly, so it's understandable that some consumers are unsure as to what solutions are out there in the market and how they work. Those that accept these payments, whether they are restaurants or retailers, should have no such excuse. Unfortunately, some organizations have not followed necessary steps during the adoption process, which has resulted in confused employees and frustrated customers.

    Apple Pay has been live for almost two months, but not all reported participants have done their part to make the transition from traditional methods to Apple Pay seamless. When Tim Cook first unveiled Apple Pay at an iPhone event in September, McDonalds was listed as an early adopter of the technology, but the popular fast food restaurant never told … more

by Ty Hardison

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