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  • Tablet POS systems can be an important tool on Small Business Saturday

    The holiday shopping season officially kicks off this weekend with Black Friday. Consumers around the country will be lined up at their favorite big-box retailers to get the best door buster deals. On the following Monday — in many cases, at the stroke of midnight — shoppers will go to their computers to find the best online deals for Cyber Monday. Sandwiched in between arguably the two biggest shopping days of the year is Small Business Saturday, which encourages holiday shoppers to buy from small, local merchants.

    This blog recently touched upon the importance of the day. Not only are small businesses vital to the communities which they serve, those who buy from small businesses are often doing so from friends, family and neighbors, rather than large corporations, … more

  • Can merchants do enough to protect customers this holiday season?

    We're a year removed from the Target breach that rocked the retail industry over the 2013 holiday shopping season, and as this year's busiest time approaches, it's important for merchants to ensure they don't allow a repeat of that PR disaster. However, some industry experts suggest they aren't doing enough to mitigate the risk of a breach.

    An article in USA Today suggests merchants are just as vulnerable this year as they were last year, even though a number of measures have been taken to improve overall payment security. The implementation of EMV technology was a major initiative this year, and earlier this fall Bank of America rolled out its security chip program. However, many stores have not implemented the technology needed to process these payments, according to the news source.

    " … more

  • Are you prepared for Small Business Saturday?

    Small business Saturday is coming.

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday get all of the attention, but they aren't the only two shopping events that take place in the first few days after Thanksgiving. While major retailers like Walmart and eCommerce providers like Amazon do great business on their respective shopping holidays, what about small local businesses? They get their day too. On the day after Black Friday, consumers are encouraged to visit their local businesses in an event called Small Business Saturday.

    This is an opportunity for smaller companies who can't compete with those offering major door-buster deals as early as Thanksgiving morning to take advantage of the busy shopping weekend. It's a chance for those who want to support their local economy to do just that. Erikka Storch, the Wheeling Area Chamber of … more

  • Report: 58 percent of holiday shoppers will pay with their mobile device

    This may be the first true mobile holiday shopping season.

    This may be the first true mobile holiday shopping season. While we've already examined some of the trends leading into the biggest season of the year for retailers, as the holiday season quickly approaches many have begun to examine just how big of an influence the mobile device will have on retail purchases. According to most projections, it's going to make a major difference. 

    A Deloitte study revealed that at least 58 percent of shoppers will use their mobile device to help them make purchases this holiday season. Uses vary, ranging from using a phone to find a particular store location or item to scanning and comparing prices, making purchases from mobile eCommerce sites and using the phone to pay at a POS system with NFC technology. The results ultimately … more

  • How will Apple Pay and CurrentC work together?

    The important thing to know is that mobile devices are the future of payments, so merchants must be prepared regardless.

    Apple Pay has been available for about three weeks now, and adoption is rising among both retailers and consumers. While the list of retailers currently accepting Apple Pay is well known by most in the tech world, so are those who will not accept it. A significant number or prominent retailers, many of which will play a major role in the upcoming holiday shopping season, are not going to accept Apple Pay and implement the necessary technology because they are waiting for their own system, one that won't be out until next year.

    You may have heard of the Merchant Consumer Exchange (MCX), but if not, it's an organization started by Walmart that contains a few popular retailers including Sears, CVS and Best Buy. The group got together years ago with the mission of making payments … more

  • Why a tablet POS system might help you survive the holiday season

    A tablet POS might be a better option than a traditional checkout counter this holiday season.

    You've probably begun to think about the logistics of managing the holiday rush at your retail store. Not only do you have to worry about having enough inventory to fulfill your customers' requests and having the ability to order new shipments in a timely manner, you must also consider the layout of your store during the next two months. Starting officially after Thanksgiving (but more realistically, around now) malls and plazas will start seeing more foot traffic, which means you will see more people in your store. While this is good for your revenue, you have to make sure you can get them in and out of your store in a timely manner. One way to do this may be by providing your retail clerks the flexibility to check out customers from anywhere on the floor.

    The age of the traditional … more

  • How do consumers feel about shopping at breached retailers this holiday season?

    More than half of surveyed consumers are ok with shopping at breached retailers this holiday season.

    This upcoming holiday shopping season will be the culmination of what was a tumultuous year in the retail security industry. Starting shortly after last Thanksgiving at Target, a number of big-name retailers have been victims of serious security breaches, ranging from Home Depot to Michael's and Staples, which is currently investigating a potential incident that may have occurred earlier this fall. These were all high profile cases, which means the public, who will soon have to decide which stores to shop at for holiday gifts, may want to stay away from those that have been victimized by security breaches.

    A recent study conducted by sought to evaluate the general sentiment surrounding stores like Target, Home Depot and Staples as we head into the holiday shopping … more

  • Should you buy or lease your POS equipment?

    Is it better to buy or lease your POS equipment?

    Leasing is a popular practice in many areas of business. It's often a cheaper alternative to buying something outright and, if the leased item in question is technology-based, it may allow you to stay current with constant innovation. Rather than being burdened with an aging piece of technology that you invested heavily in by buying, you can return the model and lease a newer version. Of course, this won't apply to everything, and you have to consider specific factors pertaining to your technology before deciding if leasing or buying is the right choice. For example, consider your POS system.

    Leasing POS equipment is not uncommon, but is it the best practice? Is it actually cheaper to lease this item rather than buying it? The Bureau of Consumer Protection Business Center says no. … more

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