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  • Tablet POS systems the 'future of retail'

    Tablets could be the future of retail POS systems.

    Earlier this month, we covered Alabama State University, which is becoming the first stadium to have a complete iPad point of sale system. Now, as the system has been put to the test in the middle of a highly competitive football season, the true benefits of the system are starting to be experienced.

    A recent Forbes article featured interviews with several officials that were involved with the decision to use an iPad system and how it is helping the university run concessions far more effectively. During the very first home game, the school processed a record 5,721 transaction in just a few hours.

    According to Alfred Baker, the executive vice-president of Gourmet Service for the university, the new system saves time while improving revenue and inventory tracking.

    "iPad POS runs so … more

  • McDonald's running NFC payment trials in the select locations

    McDonald's is testing NFC payment technology.

    The idea of stepping up to the register, placing an order and tapping your smartphone to an NFC receiver to make a payment is gaining steam in the minds of many merchants. While they may not have plans to roll out a particular system right now, many are watching their industries to see what companies are, and the results of their efforts. For the fast casual eatery industry, all eyes are on McDonald's.

    According to a recent report from Nation's Restaurant News, McDonald's is in the process of testing mobile payment devices. In a written statement to the news source, the company did acknowledge that these trials are taking place in Salt Lake City, Utah and Austin, Texas. However, the statement also said it is far too early to speculate as to any future decisions on using … more

  • Together EMV and NFC are the future of payments

    In the world of chip technology, merchants need to worry about two specific areas - EMV and NFC. Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) — a global standard for inter-operation of integrated circuit cards —  has had wide-spread adoption outside the United States and deadlines are in place for adoption in the U.S. over the next few years. However, just as chip cards are getting ready, other experts are talking about the arrival of near-field communication (NFC) technology.While these two systems are very similar, they are not the same. EMV focuses entirely on the chip technology in credit and debit cards. NFC is an expanded version of this, using mobile and other devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together.According to a recent … more

  • Fed will appeal debit fee ruling

    As we’ve discussed, a recent court ruling on the debit card fee caps set by the Federal Reserve under the Durbin Amendment were found to be invalid.  The Fed was ordered to start over.  But before rewriting the debit card Interchange rules it originally issued in 2011, which would be a lengthy and disruptive process, the Fed has announced that it will appeal to a higher court.

    The Fed said it would pursue an expedited appeal in order to speed up resolution but if the judge lifts his stay on the decision to invalidate the current rules it would result in having no fee caps on debit-card transactions in place. Both banks and merchants have urged the Judge for the stay to continue until the appeal process concludes and new rules can be drafted. more

  • EMV could find a home in the cloud

    Cloud computing in the EMV realm could be a part of the future. In the payment industry, EMV adoption has been on the radar for the last few years. While it has experienced wide adoption outside of the U.S., EMV has not gained much ground with merchants stateside. However, with several deadlines set-up by Visa and MasterCard over the next few years, those rates are about to pick up.Widespread adoption of EMV is important to the payment industry. Many experts believe the chip technology could be the future of fraud prevention when it comes to using a card. The payment chain is not restricted by country borders and neither are criminals, which is why global adoption is needed for EMV to be successful.A recent article from PYMNTS looked at the current financial burden that companies face when deciding to upgrade to an EMV system. It … more

  • University concessions upgrades to tablet POS system

    Alabama State University upgraded its stadium concession POS system to tablets. One of the best aspects of going to a live sporting event is sitting in the stands with a frosty beverage and a hot dog. However, waiting in those lines for food and drink can be frustrating as every minute spent at the concession stand is time away from the action. In many cases, speeding up the food line can be as simple as improving the point of sale system. That is just what Alabama State University (ASU) did this offseason when it decided it was time to improve services by implementing a tablet POS system.According to an article from TechCrunch, the solution is powered by an iPad and software from Revel and all 30 concession stands have been updated. Officials are now able to monitor progress and sales figures in real-time. The system also operates 14 … more

  • Study: 51 percent of consumers believe the cash register is old technology

    In the retail market, merchants need to keep an eye on the desires of consumers. If the majority of customers want to pay with a credit card, it makes sense that business owners would want to have a point of sale system that can handle this kind of payment option.Recently, POS innovator I Love Velvet released the results of the latest "Consumer Mobile Point of Sale Attitudes Report." This is a study of the average consumer's attitude toward mobile payment options. For the first time, a majority of respondents (51 percent) believe the days of the traditional cash register are over and it will soon be gone."Consumers are essentially telling retailers: 'get with the times'," Pascale Juan, I Love Velvet COO, said in the report. "As MPOS … more

  • Study: Mobile commerce responsible for $61.8 billion in sales this holiday season

    With the holiday shopping season a few short months away, this is the perfect time for organizations to start preparing their systems for the rush. It is a smart move for retailers to invest in payment solutions that customers are clamoring for, like mobile commerce.Recently, eMarketer released its latest predictions for the rest of the year and beyond in the mCommerce space. According to the study, mobile devices are contributing to overall commerce sales in two ways. First is as a driver of total sales, as consumers use mobile devices to make purchases, and the second is as a research tool for price comparison.The report predicts that in November and December, mCommerce will be responsible for $61.8 billion, which is an increase of $8 billion from the year … more

  • Google betting heavily on NFC with latest Wallet app update

    Google relying on NFC more in latest Wallet app upgrade. When two new versions of the iPhone were unveiled last week, many experts in the payment field denounced the devices because of the lack of near field communication technology. It has been predicted prior to the last few Apple hardware upgrades that an NFC chip would be included, but it has yet to materialize and some payment professionals have called it a dead technology because of this fact.However, the death of NFC is overblown. All you need to do is look at Google and its family of mobile devices. This week, Google announced an updated version of the popular mobile Wallet application. The app lets users send money wirelessly, stores loyalty cards and offers a view of all Google Wallet activity. Individuals can connect a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or … more

  • What iPhone fingerprint scanning technology means for mobile commerce

    The fingerprint scanner in the iPhone 5S could help mobile commerce. Those in the payments industry watch Apple press events through a different filter. While consumers take in all of the product features, this specific vertical looks for the addition of near field communication technology or other features to Apple products that could push the mobile payments market further into the public eye.While there have been plenty of rumors surrounding the inclusion of an NFC chip over the last few years, Apple has refused to include it in any of its new product offerings. Last week, the company unveiled two new iPhones—the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S—and again, NFC was left on the cutting room floor. However, there was a hardware update that holds some interest.One of the big tentpole features of the 5S is a fingerprint sensor. This will add … more

  • Mobile POS helps merchants keep the doors open

    In the aftermath of a hurricane it can be difficult to do business. While this blog has touched on many reasons why a smart phone and tablet payment solutions can benefit a business, there is one that is not often considered and it is a major selling point of the technology. It involves the use of mobile devices to get through the downtimes of a traditional point of sale solution.Imagine being open for business when a storm rolls through that knocks out the power for an extended period of time. Without electricity for example, merchants may decide to only accept cash for purchases or revert to manual imprinter machines and carbon sales drafts as back up, either taking risk that transactions won't be approved later or calling to obtain a voice authorization for each card transaction.  The emergence of mobile devices for payment acceptance is … more

  • Tablet POS systems helping retailers succeed

    Tablets are changing POS terminals. By now, companies have realized that tablets are becoming a crucial tool in the corporate world. Whether they are purchased by companies or brought in by employees, these devices are making a deeper push into enterprises.A recent TechRepublic article looks at the different ways that tablets are being used in a corporate setting in ways that are outside the norm. At the top of the list is a tablet POS terminal."Tablets have created an entirely new market for Point of Sale (POS) software, and many small businesses and the consumers who frequent them have encountered tablets and smartphones replacing the traditional cash register," the article reads. "While POS applications are nothing new to many businesses, tablets can be deployed for any application where a low-cost, … more

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