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  • Why knowing your customers' mobile devices will assist you this holiday season

    Knowing what device your customers are using can help ensure you are able to better process mobile payments.

    It's no secret that mobile payments will play a major role this year during the holiday shopping season. Earlier this fall, an article in Practical eCommerce projected that 16 percent of eCommerce purchases this season will be conducted on mobile devices, and that doesn't include those who bring their devices to brick-and-mortar retailers to scan or tap them to make in-person purchases. 

    As a result, retailers must be more cognizant than ever of the impact mobile spending can have on their business and they have to begin considering mobile devices as an extension of their customers. When companies evaluate their potential customers, they process a large volume of data and utilize that information to better construct marketing strategies and other customer facing operations. … more

  • Is the U.S. ready for EMV technology?

    EMV adoption deadlines are getting closer in the U.S.

    There has been much debate across the United States about adopting a certain system that is already in wide use in other parts of the world. This isn't the metric systems but EMV — a chip-and-pin payment method for credit cards. Unlike the metric system, however, EMV actually has a deadline for U.S. adoption and it is creeping up faster than most retailers realize.

    A recent article from Nerd Wallet examined how the preparation for adoption is going and if the system can even work in the U.S. According to the piece, 73 percent of Western Europe is already using EMV technology instead of the magnetic stripes that are popular in the states.

    The U.S. is lagging behind and the main reason could be the cost of adoption. According to the piece, for all U.S. retailers to replace … more

  • New iPads help push tablet POS adoption

    Over the last few weeks, Apple has released new versions of its popular tablet with the iPad Air and the iPad mini with Retina display. These two devices are predicted to be big sellers during the holiday season, but they could also be used by retailers as a cash register system.

    A recent article from Tablet PC Review examined the different ways that iPads have become a major player in the tablet POS marketplace. The original iPad essentially launched the marketplace in 2010 and three short years later, many retailers—large and small—have adopted tablets as an improved way to handle customer payments.

    The article mentions national global chains like JCPenney, Barney's and Apple, as well as small corner shops that have found a number of … more

  • Does KitKat break off a piece of NFC?

    The latest version of Android opens the door to NFC technology.

    Often times, when the retail sector looks at mobile payment trends that consumers are using and merchants need to take notice of, they look at what Apple is doing. This is the company that kicked the mobile device revolution into overdrive with the iPhone and the iPad. With every press event that includes the popular smartphone, payment experts eagerly await the inclusion of near field communication (NFC) technology and they have so far been disappointed.

    So how about we change topics and instead look at the latest operating system from Android and what it could mean for payment options and NFC technology. A recent column from Cherian Abraham for Mobile Payments Today looked into this for the latest platform known as Android 4.4 KitKat.

    According to Abraham, the new … more

  • Company improves sales 318 percent with mobile cash registers

    Mobile payment solutions helped a company improves sales 318 percent.

    Many payment solution providers have expressed the benefits of mobile payment solutions. However, talking about these systems can only go so far and in many cases exploring how a business has been able to improve their operations by using the system can be a more powerful way to show off the benefits of the strategy.

    A recent article from Retail Customer Experience profiled retailer Alex and Ani. The jewelry manufacturer and seller has been in business for nearly a decade and has experienced significant growth throughout its physical stores. Recently, the organization upgraded to a mobile POS payment system.

    "What was happening was that we would have 50 people in the store trying to buy products and we had only three point of sale systems to serve them" Alex and Ani CTO Joe Lezon … more

  • Holiday season prime for new POS systems

    The holiday shopping season can be easier for businesses that use mobile commerce.

    As we pass through November, retailers are in the beginning of what is the busiest time of the year. The shipping industry is predicting record numbers of packages being put in the mail and malls already have Christmas carols playing and a North Pole setting created for kids to get their yearly picture taken with Santa Claus.

    It seems as though the holiday shopping starts earlier and earlier every year. Some merchants this year are opening on Thanksgiving and staying open for close to 48 hours of sales. However, this is far from a new trend and a recent Slate article tracked it all the back to the Victorian era.

    "Like so many of our retailing habits, early shopping dates back to the late Victorians," the article reads. "Along with inventing cash registers, mail-order … more

  • Study: 77 percent of Canadian retailers to use mobile POS systems by 2018

    In the retail world, the future of payment options is very much in flux. Cloud-based platforms, mobile commerce and NFC technology are all starting to gain a foothold in the retail industry, but it can be difficult for a merchant to know which bucket to put their eggs.

    A recent article from Point of Sale News recaps an Infogroup Targeting Solutions survey that found 77 percent of Canadian small business merchants plan on using mobile checkout strategies in the next few years. More than half of them say a system could be in place by 2018. That would triple the number of retailers using mobile POS solutions now.

    "This is essentially the compact car of the payment processing industry," Parry Rosenberg, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MONEXgroup, told the news source. "This … more

  • New generations pushing adoption of mobile payments

    Younger shoppers are helping push mobile commerce.

    For small retail businesses, making every dollar that passes through the door matter is the key to be being successful. Over the last few years one of the best ways for this to happen is through the use of upgraded point of sale systems.

    A recent article from The Street examined how tablet POS systems and the cloud are combining to create a new way to handle traditional tasks. From national retail chains to small corner mom and pop locations, the use of mobile commerce tools is becoming more of an industry standard.

    "Our customers are typically new stores; a younger demographic and early adopters of technology," ShopKeep Founder and CEO Jason Richelson told the news source. "They are not afraid to try new things and embrace change, and you can see that reflected in their business … more

by Ty Hardison

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