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  • Discover Network Card Processing

    Vantage Card Services, is pleased to announce that we now offer Discover Network card acceptance as an integrated processing solution to merchants, which includes one source for settlement on a single statement as well as one source of customer service for your authorization, chargeback processing and risk management needs. Check your Discover rates at now.


  • Tax bill proposal for finding merchants’ supposedly underreported cash receipts

    Tax Bill Could Be Greater Threat Than Interchange Proposal... Digital Transactions

    A proposal, which is still being refined in House and Senate iterations, would force “qualified payment facilitators” to disclose information (file forms similar to current 1099 income forms) about each of their merchant clients’ receipts to the Internal Revenue Service for tax purposes with the idea to help identify taxable but unreported or under-reported sales. 

    With this bill, merchants and businesses can simply expect more tax code complexity and higher tax compliance costs.  We would all be better off under the FairTax (! more

  • The Costs of Card Payments

    Charges fly over shops' credit-card - USA

    The public debate continues over government regulation of the card payment networks built by MasterCard and Visa. 

    With more than a million new merchants signing up to accept payment cards in the past year, it is argued that the network effect balance of setting Interchange high enough to provide the banks an incentive to issue the cards, but not so high that merchants won't accept them, is working. 

    A major factor behind retailers' objections is that as consumers use credit and debit cards more frequently and that the fees have also increased as the card companies have upgraded more consumers to rewards cards, which carry higher fees. more

  • Discover Network joins the Vantage Points program starting May 2008

    We are pleased to announce more ways for merchants to earn rewards in the Vantage Points program, a unique merchant loyalty program. Starting May '08, merchants will earn one Vantage Point for each MasterCard, Visa and Discover sales transaction processed OR one Vantage Point for every $50 in MasterCard, Visa and Discover sales dollar volume processed, whichever is Greater!

    Vantage Points are redeemable for over 250 great rewards from distinguished program partners like: American Airlines, Marriott, Hyatt, Staples, The Home Depot®, Starbucks Coffee and more. In addition, Vantage Card Services has teamed up to help support the tremendous efforts of the Atlanta Community Food Bank (ACFB) with a fund raising initiative to donate a percentage of the value of each reward to the ACFB.

    If … more

  • Credit Card Fair Fee Act would regulate fees

    Credit-Card Wars The Wall Street Journal: At the behest of a coalition of U.S. retailers, House Democrat John Conyers of Michigan and Republican Chris Cannon of Utah have introduced the Credit Card Fair Fee Act that would regulate fees that the credit-card industry charges to retail stores.

    As more consumers choose payment cards for purchases, retailers push for government regulation.   Is this a good thing? more

by Ty Hardison

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