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  • Important MasterCard and Visa Interchange Updates

    April 2008 Interchange Overview

    Visa and MasterCard have announced Interchange modifications to become effective April 2008.


    Visa is implementing an International Service Assessment (ISA) fee on U.S. acquired transactions when the issuer country is foreign for both international purchase and cash advance transactions except on a U.S. military base, embassy or consulate.

    Visa will modify Visa Signature Preferred card Interchange for Card Not Present (CNP), Retail and Corporate Electronic charge types as well are certain credit voucher rates.

    Changes to the No Signature Required Program (US issued card transactions less than $25), which provides chargeback protection on eligible transactions for fraudulent transactions in a card present environment, is being expanded to include … more

  • Vantage Card Services Launches Trade Credit Express Service

    Trade Credit Express is a business payment platform to outsource your accounts receivable administration and trade credit financing. With Trade Credit Express you are in a position to extend more flexible credit and longer payment terms to your buyers.

    Increase your sales by extending your customer’s trade credit terms to 60 days and beyond

    Outsource your credit administration overhead including underwriting, credit monitoring, lock-box, payment matching and collections.

    Reduce your personal risk associated with your current line of credit and reduce bad debt with payment guarantees

    Increase your cash flow by closing the gap between sale and payment to as little as 4 days



by Ty Hardison

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