Apple allows bitcoin app back in App Store

In the case of mobile commerce, many payment experts are still waiting for Apple to get involved in the industry before they declare the mobile wallet the next big thing. With every press event, there are rumors that the company is adding near field communication technology to the hardware, and when it passes without an announcement, there is disappointment.

This week, that excitement is back, not because of NFC, but rather bitcoin. According to an article from Wired, after a six month ban on the app, Apple has allowed Blockchain to return to the App Store. Considering it is the world's most popular bitcoin wallet, this move could be the first step in embracing a new form of digital wallet on the Apple platform.

"This seems to be the first strong and real sign [Apple is] ready to accommodate future digital currency development," the makers of Blockchain said a statement, referring to Apple. "It goes a long way to legitimizing bitcoin and now provides hundreds of millions of iOS users access to bitcoin applications."

According to Blockchain CEO Nicolas Cary, the initial removal of the app could have happened for several reasons. The payment system itself is unregulated and there is uncertainty around bitcoin laws internationally. Cary hopes that pulling the app could be related to fear of competition from Apple, which has long been rumored to be creating its own digital wallet.

Mobile commerce solutions have been floating around the business landscape for some time. They have yet to fully break through, but this move from Apple could be what it takes to create a new digital age in payment solutions.

by Ty Hardison

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