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  • Mobile POS systems must be built for security

    Security may not be as visible as customer experience, but it is far more important to your business.

    Mobile payment systems can open up a litany of new avenues for your business, empowering field reps to take payments in the field, giving retailers new opportunities to engage with customers in your store or simply (but importantly!) reducing the cost of doing business.

    With more and more businesses realizing the benefit of abandoning their traditional point-of-safe systems, there are now hundreds of options to choose from when selecting a mobile solution for your business. They likely all vary in the way they integrate, how much they cost and the customer experience they provide. However important these factors may be to the way the system performs in your business environment on a daily basis, there is one far less visible feature that is even more crucial: security.

    When your … more

  • Retail enterprises need flexible payment processing solutions

    Now is the time to explore payment processing options that will continue to meet your needs down the road.

    The process of starting a brick and mortar retail business has changed over the last several years, particularly when it comes to point of sale systems. Today, many customers expect a variety of payment channels and entrepreneurs want systems that include inventory and reporting functions. 

    "What it comes down to is this: In a well-run business, the point of sale is more than just the place where the money comes in," writes Steven Aldrich in Entrepreneur Magazine. "With the right equipment, it becomes your strategic service center, the place that will help you grow your business and keep your customers coming back."

    With the rise of tablet technology, more devices than ever can be used as point-of-sale systems. The Verifone CLOUD POS, for example, is a cloud-based point of … more

  • Pushing your restaurant into the future with a new tablet POS system

    Many restaurants are seeing the benefits of switching to a cloud-based POS solution.

    As technology drastically changes from year to year, it may be overwhelming to keep up with the latest trends or advances. However, with an efficient cloud-based, tablet point-of-sale (POS) solution, you will not only streamline your restaurant's business practices, but also see a boost in revenue through an improved way of interacting with your customers. 

    Many smaller restaurants and businesses have been reluctant thus far to adopt cloud-based solutions due to concerns about the security of their data and information. However, Tim Harmon, a principal analyst at Forrester Research Inc., explained to The Wall Street Journal that these concerns will lessen as many owners realize their information may be safer on a vendor's servers than "on a hard drive in the back of … more

  • Is your business ready for cloud POS?

    Vantage can help you determine the optimal POS solution to meet your needs.

    Whether you've just signed the lease on your first store or you are considering expanding to new locations, its worth taking the time to consider your current and future point-of-sale (POS) system needs now. In your market research, you have likely already stumbled upon how retailers and restaurants are moving away from bulky cash registers and replacing them with sleek tablet mobile payment systems. 

    Thanks to advances in mobile devices and cloud technology, cash registers have become increasingly rare, and for good reason. A smartphone or tablet can provide the same functionality, in a more streamlined manner that improves the customer experience. Customers gain the option to have receipts emailed to them instead of printed, can clearly view … more

  • Discover partners with Apple Pay

    In order for a new payment platform to take off, it requires the support of merchants and credit card companies. If neither gets behind the new technology, it will have little hope of success. That's why the news this week that Discover will partner with Apple Pay is so important: According to the Associated Press, now all major credit card providers are on board with Apple's mobile payment system. 

    The AP report suggests that the decision came after "months of complaints" from customers that Discover hadn't yet addressed Apple Pay compatibility. 

    "As the mobile payments landscape matures, Discover remains committed to giving cardmembers secure options for using their cards and mobile devices," Diane Offereins, Discover's president of payment services, said in a statement. … more

  • 85 percent of Apple users haven't tried Apple Pay

    For both consumers and businesses, the advent of payment systems like Apple Pay represent a new avenue of revenue and payment processing options.

    For both consumers and businesses, the advent of payment systems like Apple Pay represent a new avenue of revenue and payment processing options. And while some have been quick to trumpet the turning tide in favor of mobile payment processing, adoption rates lag behind the hype. 

    According to, 85 percent of Apple users have yet to try the service, indicating an attachment to old payment methods. A November report by the site and InfoScout found that in November 2014, total usership among iPhone 6 owners was a mere 5 percent, which grew to 6 percent by March of this year. 

    "Ask most people what the state of mobile payments is today, and they'll tell you it's just kicking off," explains Alix Murphy of TechCrunch. "With Facebook announcing the option to send … more

  • For mobile payment platforms, merchants shouldn't feel rushed

    Merchants shouldn't feel rushed to get compatible with mobile payment platforms.

    With countless media stories about the rise of mobile payment technologies like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and others, merchants may feel pressure to get compatible to offer customers another option for point-of-sale transactions. However, Natalie Burg of Forbes says businesses on the fence about whether or not to adopt a new platform shouldn't feel rushed to make the decision. 

    "Mobile technology offers many opportunities to grow consumer and merchant payments alike and for less friction in the experience for both," says Troy Leach, CTO of PCI Security Standards Council. "However, with that comes many new challenges not associated with traditional payments that all parties have come to trust."

    Granted, those "traditional payments" come with challenges of their own, as evidenced by … more

  • Tablet POS solutions to play a big role in payments industry in 2015

    The cloud is changing tablet POS technology.

    As the year winds down, payment systems professionals have begun looking at what 2015 will bring for the industry. The consensus is that technological advancements will push what were innovative niche systems to the mainstream. Tablet POS systems are one of these technologies, and given the advancements in hardware and software required to make these tools work, more companies will find it easier to adopt them into their payments infrastructure in the new year. spoke about the ways payments technologies will emerge in the coming year with a number of industry professionals who believe tablet POS systems will not only become mainstream, but that organizations will increasingly use modern technologies like the cloud to facilitate tablet POS … more

  • Tablet POS systems can be an important tool on Small Business Saturday

    The holiday shopping season officially kicks off this weekend with Black Friday. Consumers around the country will be lined up at their favorite big-box retailers to get the best door buster deals. On the following Monday — in many cases, at the stroke of midnight — shoppers will go to their computers to find the best online deals for Cyber Monday. Sandwiched in between arguably the two biggest shopping days of the year is Small Business Saturday, which encourages holiday shoppers to buy from small, local merchants.

    This blog recently touched upon the importance of the day. Not only are small businesses vital to the communities which they serve, those who buy from small businesses are often doing so from friends, family and neighbors, rather than large corporations, … more

  • Why a tablet POS system might help you survive the holiday season

    A tablet POS might be a better option than a traditional checkout counter this holiday season.

    You've probably begun to think about the logistics of managing the holiday rush at your retail store. Not only do you have to worry about having enough inventory to fulfill your customers' requests and having the ability to order new shipments in a timely manner, you must also consider the layout of your store during the next two months. Starting officially after Thanksgiving (but more realistically, around now) malls and plazas will start seeing more foot traffic, which means you will see more people in your store. While this is good for your revenue, you have to make sure you can get them in and out of your store in a timely manner. One way to do this may be by providing your retail clerks the flexibility to check out customers from anywhere on the floor.

    The age of the traditional … more