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  • Company improves sales 318 percent with mobile cash registers

    Mobile payment solutions helped a company improves sales 318 percent.

    Many payment solution providers have expressed the benefits of mobile payment solutions. However, talking about these systems can only go so far and in many cases exploring how a business has been able to improve their operations by using the system can be a more powerful way to show off the benefits of the strategy.

    A recent article from Retail Customer Experience profiled retailer Alex and Ani. The jewelry manufacturer and seller has been in business for nearly a decade and has experienced significant growth throughout its physical stores. Recently, the organization upgraded to a mobile POS payment system.

    "What was happening was that we would have 50 people in the store trying to buy products and we had only three point of sale systems to serve them" Alex and Ani CTO Joe Lezon … more

  • Study: 77 percent of Canadian retailers to use mobile POS systems by 2018

    In the retail world, the future of payment options is very much in flux. Cloud-based platforms, mobile commerce and NFC technology are all starting to gain a foothold in the retail industry, but it can be difficult for a merchant to know which bucket to put their eggs.

    A recent article from Point of Sale News recaps an Infogroup Targeting Solutions survey that found 77 percent of Canadian small business merchants plan on using mobile checkout strategies in the next few years. More than half of them say a system could be in place by 2018. That would triple the number of retailers using mobile POS solutions now.

    "This is essentially the compact car of the payment processing industry," Parry Rosenberg, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MONEXgroup, told the news source. "This … more

  • New generations pushing adoption of mobile payments

    Younger shoppers are helping push mobile commerce.

    For small retail businesses, making every dollar that passes through the door matter is the key to be being successful. Over the last few years one of the best ways for this to happen is through the use of upgraded point of sale systems.

    A recent article from The Street examined how tablet POS systems and the cloud are combining to create a new way to handle traditional tasks. From national retail chains to small corner mom and pop locations, the use of mobile commerce tools is becoming more of an industry standard.

    "Our customers are typically new stores; a younger demographic and early adopters of technology," ShopKeep Founder and CEO Jason Richelson told the news source. "They are not afraid to try new things and embrace change, and you can see that reflected in their business … more

  • Mobile POS carving out a larger home in retail

    More retailers are adopting mobile payments.

    Many retailers have reached a crossroads when it comes to the POS terminal. Over the last few years, the use of cloud-based systems and mobile registers has grown, just as the technology that backs them has evolved. Apple's mobile-based operating system was still a novel concept as little as five years ago. Now it is commonplace.

    Scott Lamb, the founder of a Utah-based point of sale solution provider, was recently interviewed in a Business Solution article about the current landscape of the point of sale industry. He covered several topics, but focused heavily on the use of tablet POS and cloud-based systems.

    Lamb mentioned that a number of organizations are using a hybrid fixed/mobile environment by keeping at least one traditional POS station. This allows all customers to feel … more

  • Study: in-store mobile commerce to reach $1.7 trillion by 2017

    The retail world is changing to incorporate mobile devices.

    There was big news in the mobile payment landscape at the end of last month as PayPal acquired Braintree—a company that specializes in mobile transactions. This is another example of the feeling that mobile devices will play a major role in the future of consumer payments.

    BI Intelligence released the results of a study that looked at the main reasons for this trend. The numbers show that overall, mobile commerce is still in its early stages as only 7.9 million U.S. consumers have an NFC-compatible system. That equates to less than 9 percent of the market.

    Despite that, in-store mobile payments nearly quadrupled last year. On top of that, smartphone and tablet POS systems have penetrated more deeply into the retail sector for both small businesses and larger enterprises. The … more