The Benefits of implementing AR Best Practices

AR Best Practices is a suite of business payment processing services to to lower costs, increase productivity and enhance security.

Fast, Dependable, and Secure Payments: Close the gap between sale and receipt of payment to increase cash flow for your business and reducing the amount of capital required to fund receivables. AR Best Practices reduces your days sales outstanding with routine invoice follow up and next day deposits of invoice payments daily from your lockbox.

Improved Efficiency: AR Best Practices shifts much of the administrative burden of operating a credit system, including customer credit approval, credit monitoring, matching payments to invoices, account reconciliation, making bank deposits, payments tracking and routine admin invoice and payment inquiry follow ups off your staff so they can focus on higher level AR task like dispute resolution and financial management.

Eliminate Risk: Reduce your personal risk associated with your current line of credit and reduce bad debt with credit scoring and ongoing credit monitoring of your buyers. Know who to do more business with and who you should consider moving to alternative payment choices.