How Trade Credit Express Works

Trade Credit Express (TCE) serves as the interchange that enables the trade credit outsourcing process to take place. The Trade Credit Express online monitoring system provides visibility to both the Seller and the Lender regarding available credit, invoices and payment.

Trade Credit Express provides two methods for handling buyer credit:

1. Credit Line
The credit line system should be used by clients with few buyers but with a large number of invoices per buyer. A credit line request is added for each new customer and should cover approximately 60 days of invoicing. Once approved, invoices are added and the availability of the line fluctuates as payments are posted.

2. Order-to-Order
The order-to-order system is best suited to clients with a large number of customers and with a low number of invoices per customer. In this case an individual credit request is placed for each purchase order.

Once you enter the credit request in to the Trade Credit Express system, you will be notified of the credit decision by email, on the processing pages and on the reports. Credit decisions are based on two main factors: the size of the request and the knowledge of the customer.

If you have any questions about outsourcing your trade credit administration and financing, please contact Ty Hardison for personal assistance!