Terminal Services

Terminal Services

Our fully-managed, cloud-based, Terminal Services program insures that your business keeps pace with the ever changing payment technology landscape. You need a terminal that will support the advance of EMV, NFC, APPLE PAY, PayPal, and other payment types your customers may present. And with Terminal Services you get the hardware and software and gateway services you need.  

Our fully managed, cloud based, Terminal Services program is the simplest and most cost effective way for merchants to keep pace with the rapidly changing payment acceptance landscape.

US merchants will need next generation systems and these systems will require more dynamic and complex upgrades to meet the demands of a mix of traditional and new payment schemes such as EMV, NFC, contactless and discounts, coupons, offers and more.

Vantage Terminal Services is a no risk, month-to-month service delivering everything merchants need all in one complete managed solution:

  • VeriFone Vx520 bank card terminal hardware and software including all delivery, testing, deployment, tax, and training.
  • End-to-end encryption to keep credit and debit card transaction data safe and secure making PCI DSS compliance faster and easier.
  • Activation and annual license fees for contactless, NFC and EMV certifications as they become availalbe by processing networks.
  • Access all your transaction data, real time from the cloud, with virtual terminal, recurring billing, hosted payment pages, remote reporting and more.
  • Includes transaction processing via terminal (IP with Dial backup) and payment gateway.
  • Easily add free mobile card readers to Apple or Android phones and tablets for back up, line busting and more.
  • Auto updated versions for the latest security protections and regulation mandates.
  • Full system warranty, maintenance, replacements, support and 24x7 help desk.
  • Never buy another bankcard terminal again.

Vantage Terminal Services supports a powerful merchant services offering that includes:

  • Rewards for accepting card payments
  • PayView analytics of your Real cost of card payments
  • Direct Interchange pass through pricing for all clients regardless of size
  • A true Month-to-Month merchant agreement

Let us help you build your perfect solution today. Contact us for a professional consultation and a Terminal Services quote to meet your specific requirements.